10 Best Coon Hunting Lights – Bright Spotlights

These lights have been chosen because of their performance, features, and affordability. We will discuss their design, overall performance, any unique features, their pros, and cons. So, you may compare them with your requirements and buy the one which fits your needs.

Coon Hunting Lights Reviewed

1.Kohree 80000LUX CREE U2 LED Coon Hunting Headlight-With 4 Optical Filters

If you want to buy the best coon hunting light than nothing can beat the Korhee 80000Lux Cree U2. It has many outstanding features. The U2 LED is a powerful hunting light which has a wide beam and can illuminate up to 150 meters. This light comes with four different optical fibers in blue, green, yellow and red colors. You can choose the one which suits your requirements.

This light is versatile and can be worn as a headband over your helmet or hats. It has a better battery life as compared to the Kohree 80000. It gives you an average of 7-35 hours of light depending on which lighting mode or setting you are using it on. Speaking of light mode, it comes with three light settings with dim to very bright light. You may adjust the setting according to your liking but keep in mind the higher the setting, faster the battery will run out.

When it comes to fully recharging this light, it takes about 9 hours on average.


  • This light is waterproof, explosion proof, moisture proof, and dust proof.
  • It is lightweight to carry in your belt, yet it’s relatively sturdy.
  • Three variable power settings.
  • Ease of use.


  • It does not fit in front pocket or back pocket comfortably.
  • The light is very dim on low setting.


If you are new to coon hunting, then this might be the right fit for you as it illuminates a wider area. However, it does not produce good brightness at a low setting and sticking to highest setting is recommended for a better experience.

2.Orion Predator H30, 273 yards Coon Hunting Light

You should consider buying the Orion H30 if you want a long-range hunting light that is not only practical but fun to use as well. It is one of the top long-range hunting lights available in the market right now. It can focus up to whopping 273 yards, making it easier for you to spot and take an accurate shot at it without alerting it. You can use either green or red optical filters whichever you prefer although red light is more suited for hunting coons, varmints, and coyotes. And green light is helpful for dog hunting.

The Orion predator has a capacity to emit 100% pure green or red light. The unique feature about this hunting kit is that it has four adjustable settings (6, 50, 190 and 300 lumens) to choose from. Depending on the configuration used, when the light is fully charged it can run from 4-120 hours. It means you do not have to recharge it often and to charge it once a week will be sufficient.

This long-range hunting light is not an ordinary one, in fact, it is based on military grade standard. It’s rigid and scratch resistant and is made of aviation-grade anodized aluminum. It comes with three different mount settings such as Scope mount, Barrel Mount, and Rail mount.

The Orion Predator kit includes different scope mounting rings, rubber button, lanyard, barrel adaptor and pressure switch to facilitate hunting.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight.
  • Longer battery time.
  • Scratch resistant and sturdy.
  • Very bright light.
  • Variable power settings.


  • The pressure switch was difficult to use.


The predator H30 is good value for money and is highly recommended for a better hunting experience.

3.Orion M30C 377 Yards Long Range LED Hog Predator Varmint Hunting Light Flashlight, Kit

The new Orion M30 is an indispensable tool for coon hunting since it is a highly efficient long-range unit. The light comes with some of the best features such as three premium Cree XP-E2 LED’s capable of emitting 700 lumens which can reach up to 377 yards. This Orion Predator gives you a broad view to spot the coons and take accurate shots.

To meet all your lighting needs, the Orion M30 comes with three brightness settings. The best feature of this unit is that it comes with two sets of rechargeable batteries which can be recharged 500 times.

It also provides flexibility regarding mounting kits; you can control the light once you have mounted it on a rail, scope, and barrel. Orion MC 30 light can be switched on or off by the dual control remote pressure switch. It comes with both remote pressure pad and a push button.


  • Waterproof LED.
  • Various mounting options.
  • Long lasting batteries.
  • The light does not add weight to the rifle.
  • The charger automatically stops charging once the battery is full.
  • Durable and easy to operate.


  • The angle of the beam cannot be adjusted.


I highly recommend buying the Orion M30 C 377 yards for hog, varmint, coyote and coon hunting.

  1. Kohree 80000Lux Cree XML LED

After the Kohree Lux Cree U2 light, this one is the second-best light made by Kohree for coon hunting. It gives perfect illumination for night time hunting and comes highly powered with 10 watts Cree XML LED and had a beam throwing capacity of up to 300 yards.

It is extremely versatile regarding power settings. You get four power settings of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% which means you can save the battery when it’s running low by switching to a lower setting. Whatever lighting requirement you may have, Korhee 80000 Lux will not disappoint you. It takes 18 hours to recharge fully and gives a lighting time of 5-20hours, depending on which power setting you choose.

You do not need to be home to charge the Kohree 80000 Lux, as it comes with a car charger. It is a highly desirable feature for spotlights to have portable charging option.


  • Variable power setting
  • Bright light with a good halo.
  • Waterproof and explosion proof.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • It gives maximum lighting time of 20 hours.


  • Cord for charging is short.
  • The red filter traps too much light.
  • If you wear a big helmet, the headband might be small for you.


If you are looking for one of the best coon hunting lights than this is the right choice for you. This headband light has a red optical filter which helps to preserve your night vision and at the same time does not scare your prey or hurt its eyes.

5.Nitecore P30, 676 Yards Red, and Green Rechargeable Hunting Light

The Nitecore P30 is a powerful flashlight which is capable of 1000 lumens output and an incredible throw of 676 yards. It is an ideal tool to use as a spotlight or for search operations.

The hunting kit makes P30 a truly versatile product with two included mounts for rail and scope. It also comes with a pressure switch and has both green and red filters included. You can change the color of this light in an instant- green for hog hunting and red for coyotes and coons.

It has a side switch will provide easy access to 5 brightness levels and three unique modes. The light itself is made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy. The kit comes with everything you need for tactical and hunting operations including a flashlight, holster, lanyard, battery magazine, mounts for rifle attachment, an 18650 battery, Nitecore RSW1 Pressure Switch and i2 smart charger.


  • It comes equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED.
  • It is capable of producing super bright 1000 lumens.
  • It has an impressive run time of up to 17 hours of 70 lumens.
  • It is perfect for hunting, caving, search and rescue.


  • It is expensive compared to few other hunting lights.


Nitecore is a complete hunting kit and has everything you may need for your next hunting trip. It comes in a neat, compact case which is highly portable. It also ensures all the items in the kit stay in one place and are easily accessible. A highly recommended product which is worth the money.

6.STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 920 Lumen LED Lithium Ion Spotlight

The Stanley is a high power 10-watt LED model consisting of a lithium ion battery which can stay charged for 12 months according to the claim it makes on the box. It can produce a decent 950 lumens of the spotlight. The Stanley Fatmax is studying and made from hard plastic that can take punishment. This spotlight is made for dry use only which means that it is not waterproof. Lithium ion batteries can become explosive when exposed to water, so it needs to be handled carefully.

Although it may seem bulky compared to other lights in the list, it is not heavy at all, in fact, it weighs only 1.55 lbs. This spotlight is ideal to use in emergency or power outages and normal scenarios.

One of the best features of Stanley Fatmax is the collapsible stand at the top of the spotlight. It means that you can let it stand on its upside down having it point upwards to illuminate any area. The pivot system allows the light to stand at different angles. When fully charged the LED on the light will glow green, and when the battery begins to lose its capacity, it changes to orange and finally red color indicating it’s time to recharge the battery.

This spotlight contains smart internal circuitry which allows the unit to provide a consistent amount of light throughout the run time of the battery.


  • You can switch between two levels of brightness with a simple press of the dimmer.
  • It shoots straight out like a laser and has a very concentrated beam.
  • It allows an area to be flooded with light.


  • it cautions the user to immediately charge the spotlight after purchase and charge it every 3-6 months.
  • The heatsinks on either side of the spotlight get very hot; it can burn your hands if touched.
  • It is not portable; a wrist strap could be added to make it easier to carry around.


The Fatmax does what is says. It provides a high-intensity beam which is so powerful that it can damage your eyes if you view it directly. It is a good investment as it will last you for a long time (provided you follow the instructions) and is a handy tool for day to day spotlight operations.

7.Odepro KL41 Hunting Red Green IR850 White Flashlight

Odepro KL41 is a highly versatile flashlight. If you require a particular color and type of light than Odepro’s four LED modules will surely have one that suits your needs. It has red, green, IR850 and white lights. The IR850 is an invisible light, and the white light has five modes including high, medium, low, strobe and SOS.

The green light is ideal for general predator hunting including hogs and red for shy predators such as coyotes, coons, bobcats, and foxes. The white light can be used for long range hunting, law enforcement or filming at night.

It consists of a scope mount and is designed to mount on certain hand pistols, rifles or shotguns. The whole kit includes red hunting flashlight, 2 18650 3.7V rechargeable batteries, scope mount, charger, pressure switch and three intensity control.


  • The Odepro is extremely lightweight weighing only 240 grams.
  • The body is made of aircraft grade aluminum making it wear resistant, scratch resistant and fire resistant.
  • The red light has irradiation distance of 698 feet, and green has 905 feet.
  • It is waterproof.
  • The optical lens is coated on the both sides making its light transmittance up to 91%.


  • The battery run time is very less as compared to others; it only gives 2.5 hours of battery time.


It is best suited for beginners because the professional hunters will find battery run time to be a constant annoyance. You cannot hunt for more than 2 hours with this flashlight.

  1. InnoGear 5000 Lumen Bright Headlight

InnoGear is a highly bright headlight giving a whopping 5000 lumens of the spotlight. It is extremely lightweight, and the straps are comfortable to wear. The light head can rotate up to 90 degrees and will stay steady after positioning. The batteries require 12 hours to be charged fully.

It is a highly useful headlight which can be used in the dark for changing tires, repair a leaky pipe in the dark cabinet or take your dog for a walk. You can keep your hands free while doing all these things.

The headlight weighs only 300 grams so you can wear it for hours and your head will not hurt.  It can be worn on top of other hats such as baseball caps, motorcycle helmets, and construction hard hats. It has three different lenses and four different lighting modes (1 LED, 2 LED, 3 LED, strobe).

InnoGear can be charged with multiple charging options such as through computer, phone or wall charger. It is powered by two rechargeable batteries and allows 4-6 hours of battery run time when fully charged. It has four lighting modes including high, middle, low and flashing.


  • It is an extremely bright producing 5000 lumens of light.
  • It is waterproof so can be used during fishing.
  • It is wear resistant, scratch resistant and fire resistant.
  • It is extremely portable and allows hands-free usage.
  • The soft band makes it more comfortable to wear it. It can fit over other hats and caps.
  • The light head can be adjusted up to 90 degrees.
  • It has a safety light for runners or bikers.


  • It takes 12 hours to charge the batteries fully which is a very long time.


InnoGear is a very bright and versatile head light which can be used for camping, hiking, running, fishing and hunting.

9.WindFire® WF-802, 250-Yard-Long Range Green Hunting Light

The WindFire is a pure green tactical flashlight with a complete kit. It has a range of 250 yards and can be mounted on a rail for fox, pig, varmint and coon hunting. The complete kit comes with a flashlight, rechargeable battery, pressure switch, charger and a scope bike mount.

It comes with a pressure switch and on/off push button. It produces about 350 lumens of unfiltered green light that have a focused beam making your next hunting easier and enjoyable.

The WindFire is appreciated not only for its durability and affordability but also for its compactness making it quite portable. Other users have reported that the animals do not tend to notice the light, making it a perfect tool for taking accurate aims. Although it is lightweight, it seems to be on the bulkier side which can be challenging.


  • It has a momentary pressure switch.
  • Orian MC30 Provides bright and crisp light.
  • Animals don’t tend to notice the light.
  • Affordable and durable.


  • It is slightly on the bulkier side.


WindFire green hunting light is useful for hunting down, coons, hogs and coyotes. It is a relatively reasonable investment for your next hunting trip.

10.Boruit® Headlamp with Green Coyote Hog Hunting Light

This is a highly versatile headlight and can be used for camping, cycling, hiking, hunting coyotes, and fishes. The two sides of the beam are XR-E R2 Green lights which do not spook the animals. It has three different light modes –

High white light

Low white light

High green light

You can switch between these light modes with the touch of a button and according to your requirement. The best feature of this headlight is that the angle of the light is adjustable. You do not need to move your head or neck to adjust the view. Instead, you can tilt the light and increase visibility while hunting. Boruit head light is made of aluminum alloy shell material making it not only durable but lightweight as well. It comes with three sets of chargers (including a car charger, AC charger, and USB charger) and requires 6-8 hours to be fully charged.


  • The head of this lamp is 90 degrees adjustable up and down and will stay steady after positioning.
  • All Boruit products have a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • It is light weight and durable.
  • Having three sets of chargers makes it convenient to recharge it from anywhere.


  • It does not come with any instruction booklet.


Boruit headlamp is a good option if you are a beginner and looking for something that is not too expensive but does a decent job.

Factors to Consider When Buying Coon Hunting Lights

You may want to hunt raccoons for sport or fun or to stop them from destroying your fields and property. Whatever the reason may be, coon hunting has dated back to centuries, but with the advancement in technology, coon hunting has become a specialized job.

You not only need properly trained hounds with good stamina to run after these pesky creatures but you also require a long-range gun and versatile hunting lights.

The best kind of hunting light for small predators such as coons, coyotes, the bobcat will have either a red or green filter. The reason is that red or green light is not alarming to these predators and they do not run away. So, you can take your time to spot them and hunt them.

1. Weight

For a hunting experience that does not weigh you down or tires you out, it is imperative to buy a lightweight hunting light which is portable. It should either be hands-free- worn on your head or mountable on your rifle or gun.

If your hunting light is heavy, it will slow you down, and you will not be able to carry on hunting for long. Coon hunting requires patience, so having the right equipment is important and carrying a minimum amount of hunting equipment is advisable.

This way you will spend less energy and be comfortable for a longer time. In case you choose to hunt with a heavy light, keep in mind that it will weigh you down and you will have an extra burden to carry around. It will drain you physically, and you are more likely to tire out before you find a good opportunity to begin hunting.

2. Battery Life

Battery life of hunting light is, of course, one of the most crucial aspects which need careful consideration.You need to estimate an average of how many hours it typically requires you to hunt a raccoon successfully and then go a choose a hunting light which gives you the same time of battery life.

Imagine hunting for coons, and finally, when you get that perfect shot, the battery suddenly dies out. You need to find a hunting light which gives you an average of  5+ hours and requires 4-6 hours to charge completely.

Also look for lights which give you two sets of rechargeable batteries or more. So, when one battery runs out while you are in the field, you can quickly load the other and continue with your hunting. It is a good idea to look for a light which has different light modes, so when the battery is dying, you can switch to lower settings and enjoy the light for longer

3. Illumination Distance

Illumination distance is the radius and area covered by the beam produced by the hunting light. You should buy a hunting light which covers a minimum distance of 200 yards and has different optical lens.

You should seek a hunting light with greater illumination distance to get a wider and better view. If you choose a head light, it is important that its head can be rotated and then stays in that position so you can view your preferred angles. This will improve visibility and also improve your aim.

4. Brightness

Coon hunting is done during the night or when the sun has set, and your only source of light will be your hunting light. It is crucial that the light you choose has at least 1000 lumens of brightness. This is a good brightness level for you to view animals in the dark.

When choosing a hunting light based on brightness, make sure you buy one which has a longer battery life, so it does not run out quickly. Also, give preference to that hunting light which has decent brightness even on low settings.

Finally, another aspect worth considering is that these lights are often designed with optical filters of different colors. Most common optical filter colors are red and green. However, there are lights which have blue and yellow filters too. And one particular light has an invisible light as an option as well. Every colored filter has a unique purpose such as a coon hunting light with a green optical filter may scare the animals away more than white or red filters.

Nevertheless, you should give preference to a bright light with high intensity regardless of its optical filters to help improve vision during your hunting.

5. Types

There are three different types of coon hunting lights which have unique features and are made for specific purposes:

  • LED headlamp Lights: If you want the least amount of hassle while hunting, then buying a LED headlamp should be on top of your list. You can just wear it on your head or over a cap or hat and walk a long distance through the woods to hunt down raccoons. Since with these hunting lights, your hands will be free to carry your equipment, or lead your dog, or carry your gun; you will be able to concentrate fully. And because your path will automatically get illuminated, you will avoid any injury from tripping.
  • Scope mounted gun lights: This type of light is usually mounted on the scope of rifles. They look very similar to compact flashlights, but they have specialized mounts on the light’s body. The other features these lights have been on/off pressure switches, beam width, and elevation adjustments.
  • Handheld coon hunting spotlights: As you know, raccoons hide in treetops and thick bushes and these highly powered spotlights can be quite helpful to spot any elusive coons. The hunting spotlights are light in weight and can be carried around easily. These are portable and can easily fit in your hunting kit or even your trouser pockets for that matter.

Our Pick

We consider the Kohree 80000 Cree U2 LED the best coon hunting light. It is reliable, extremely powerful, bright and comes with four optical fibers. No other hunting light provides yellow and blue optical filters except for the Kohree 80000 Cree U2 LED. It is lightweight yet made of aerospace grade aluminum, so it is fire resistant, scratch resistant and waterproof. It has an impressive battery life of up to 75 hours depending on which setting you use it on. It is also versatile and portable. It can be worn on top of hats or caps and can also be carried in your trouser pockets. It has a beam throw of up to 150 meters, and the light is consistent and bright.

If you are new to coon hunting or have specific needs, then you can make a decision by carefully going through the guide above. You will find one that ticks all your boxes and fits in your budget as well. Some of the hunting lights discussed in this guide are less than $30, while the more expensive ones have a price range of around $200-400. You can choose from a mounting light to a head light; the choice is yours to make.  Each hunting light is an investment because you can use it not only for hunting but also for other outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking, and cycling. We hope this guide has answered all the questions you may have about buying a hunting light for yourself and hope you enjoy the experience.

Happy coon hunting!​