10 Best Pop up Tents for Camping – Lowest Prices

10 Best Pop Up Tents

Tired of taking half an hour to set up your tent? Want a tent that practically sets itself up? Here are the 10 best pop-up tents on the market. After considerable research, we have decided that these are the best pop-up tents. Below are listed the advantages and disadvantages to each tent. We will also list the basic features of each tent, such as their size, and how weatherproof they are. These tents are quick and easy to set up, taking 5 minutes or less! You will be roasting your hot dogs and ‘smores, and enjoying the view in no time.

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

This tent is made by a trusted manufacturer. This tent comes with pre- attached poles, so set up is a simply affair of unfolding, extending, and securing. Then you can head off on your adventure for the day. It has a WeatherTec system, patented welded floors, and inverted seams to help keep the water out. Set up is only 60 seconds! The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin is 10 by 9 feet, and the center height is 6 feet.

The good things about this tent: It literally only takes 1 minute for 1 person to set up. All the reviews agree with that. It does a fine job of standing up to the wind, and a light rainstorm. The tent is very roomy, and you can stand upright in it. There is a lot of ventilation built into this tent, so you can feel that Summer breeze inside or out. At just $127, the price is a great deal for a tent this size.

Some of the disadvantages of this tent: although the tent easily fits into the bag you purchase it with, the tent is quite heavy and bulky once it is packed up. Reviews state that you must buy the rain fly, that is sold separately, in order to have it be completely weatherproof. The stakes that come with the tent are considered by some to be not the best quality.

In conclusion, this tent is a great buy for anyone looking for easy set-up. If you are worried about its ability to withstand rain, you may want to purchase a tarp instead of the rain fly. Those who did that were completely satisfied with the results. The bag is roomy enough to pack your tent back in easily. I would recommend this tent. It is a good value for the price.

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14×10)

The next tent we will review is the Coleman 8-person Instant tent. This is a spacious, 2-room tent that has 2 doors and 7 windows. The poles come pre-attatched to the tent, ensuring for an easy set up. The base of the tent is 14 by 10 feet, and it stands taller than the Coleman 6-Person Cabin at 6′ 5.”It comes with the option of three different colors; black, blue, or brown. But they all look pretty close to the same, just with 2 blue stripes on the “blue” tent.

The great thing about this tent is the roominess. It is another easy set up tent. It takes slightly longer to set up- around 2 minutes, as it is a larger tent. It number of windows gives it lots of ventilation, and there is plenty of standing room. All the reviewers say that the tent fits very well back into its original bag. There is also a built-in screen house which is nice for sitting out and enjoying the evening without worrying about mosquitoes. This tent is about $100 more expensive than the Coleman 6-person tent, but it is also bigger. It does very well with moisture, and does not leak in a rainstorm.

The disadvantages of this tent: several customers have complained that the poles and joints are flimsy. Also, there are 8 guy lines that you have to stake down to keep the tent from blowing over. This makes the set up take a little longer. The customer service for Coleman is often complained about.

In Summary, this tent is great if you have a number of people sleeping in the same tent, or just want lots of room. It does have 8 stake points and 6 guy lines, so the set up is not as instant as you might hope. Still, having the pre-attatched poles makes the set up a lot quicker than your old-fashioned 8-person tent.

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Fast Pitch Instant Cabin

This Instant Cabin is very large; it is 13′ 6” by 9 feet. It has a Weathertec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams designed to keep the water out. Of course, it is an easy set up that takes about ten minutes. The cool part about this tent is that it comes with a built-in closet. The poles are color-coded, and it has snag-free insta-clip suspension.

The awesome things about this tent: it is an easy set-up. You just click the pieces together in the middle top part of the tent, then lift the tent up. The door automatically swings closed, which is great if you’re camping with children, and want to keep the insects out. There are great features such as the ports for extension cords, the light hook on the ceiling, and multiple pockets to hold phones and flashlights. Most reviewers agree that this tent is very water-proof.

It was hard to find any negative aspects about this tent. However, the few were these: the tent fits very tightly over the poles, which made it a little harder to set up than other pop-up tents. Also, a few reviewers complained that the door doesn’t stay shut as well as a traditional zipper door would.

In conclusion, this tent is one of the best ones on the market. The vast majority of those who bought this tent loved it. It has a lot of room, and a closet for storing those needed items. As a plus, the case the tent comes in has wheels on the bottom. This makes it easy to wheel the tent around, instead of having the carry it. The set-up takes a little longer than some of the other instant tents on the market, but it is still faster than the traditional tent.

Arctic Monsoon 8 Person Instant Tent

This tent is a cheerful bright green, and perfect for your camping needs. It can be set up by two people in about 30 seconds, at the soonest. It has a strong construction, is breathable and lightweight, and is durable. The product dimensions are 13 by 9 feet, and it stands 6.5 feet tall. It weighs 31.2 lbs. in the package. The Arctic Monsoon has two doors, which makes it convenient for multiple people to get in and out at the same time.

The vast majority of customers gave this Arctic Monsoon tent a 5 star review. Here are some of the great things about the Arctic Monsoon tent. It has polyester flysheets, and comes with UV resistant and fire retardant material. It is not as bulky as the Coleman Tenaya tent, so can fit more easily in your vehicle. It has lots of room and stands very high, so it is a good tent for you if you are tall.  This pop-up tent also comes with an anti-mosquito screen.

There are a few things to be wary of for this tent. Several customers complained of a part breaking after the first 3 camping trips. It has an open air-roof without the cover, so it is for warmer temperature camping, and would not do so well at retaining heat during the winter. But overall, this tent is a good choice for you.

So, this tent is great for an easy set-up, and has plenty of room. It is a bright green tent with gray highlights, which makes it convenient for those camping with you to find your site in a crowded campground. The height makes it easy to stand up in, and the quick set up is a great selling point. Overall, I would recommend this tent if you are looking to buy a pop-up tent.

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin (14×9)

This tent can hold 9 people sleeping end-to-end. It fits two queen-sized air mattresses. There is an electrical cord access port, which is fully closable when not in use. This is nice for pumping up your air mattresses. The dimensions are 14 by 9 feet at the base, and 6.5 feet tall. This nylon pop-up tent  comes with a rainfly, which is an advantage over the Coleman tent.

There are many, many 5-star reviews of this CORE Instant Cabin tent. Here is what makes this tent so great: it is very weatherproof, and holds its own during a rainstorm. It is a quick set-up for even one person, taking only about 2 minutes. It also comes with sturdy zippers, so you need not fear them easily breaking. There are ground vents, which keeps continuous air going through the tent if you so choose, even during a rainstorm. This is a great feature for when it gets hot in the middle of the day. The vents will keep the inside of your tent from turning into a sauna.

Some of the bad things about this tent: a few people have complained that the material is thin for a tent. This makes it easier to tear. Also, a couple of reviews have stated that a tent pole has broken on them. The windows do not zip up at the top, which is concerning for some as they are worried about rain getting in. The zipper on the door is sometimes hard to close without the flaps getting caught in the zipper. But, this is a very common problem for most tents.

In conclusion, this tent has many great advantages, such as being sturdily built, easy to set up, and durable. The positive reviews far outweigh the bad in numbers. The ventilation is great since it comes with many windows and air vents near the floor of the tent. As it has such a great air flow, it would be best to use this tent for Summer camping, not Winter. Overall, this tent is very good quality for a pop-up tent!

Ozark Trail 8 Person, 2 room Instant Cabin

This tent is a good buy for the price. It’s only $160, so is on the low side of the price range. It is a 2-room, 8 Person tent. It’s dimensions are 13 by 9 feet. It includes a room divider for privacy. The Ozsrk Trail 2 room tent is big enough for two queen air mattresses. You do not have to put the poles in the frame, because they are pre-attatched.

The good things about this tent: while it takes a little longer than some pop-up tents to set up, it still goes up fairly quickly. It includes the rainfly with factory-sealed seams to keep the rain out. The Ozark Trail tent is made of polyester material, and steel poles. The tent can handle direct wind, and is able to withstand wear and tear from children.

There were only 7 reviews about this tent, and some of them were negative. The customers complained that the stakes on this tent were flimsy, and the tent collapsed in the wind. However, there are many other companies who deliver cheap stakes with their tents, so this problem isn’t unique to this tent. Another customer stated that the rings to hold the tent are weak and bend easily. The zippers on the doors and windows do not seal them shut, allowing bugs and dirt to get in.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good price and aren’t too concerned about the quality, this is the tent for you. There are other tents on the market which may last longer, and pop-up more easily. Most customers agreed that this tent set up fairly easily, but it isn’t as fast as some of the other ones. All  in all, this tent is probably not what you are looking for if you want a pop-up tent that will set up very quickly.

Ozark Trail 12 Person, 3 Room Instant Cabin

This is a very large tent that boasts it can hold up to 12 people. It requires no assembly because the poles are pre-attatched to the tent. You can just unfold and extend the tent to set up. It is a large, 3 room cabin-style tent. It also has oversized ground vents for ventilation. The dimensions are 16 by 16 feet, and it is in an L-shape, with 3 large rooms.

The good things about this tent: it can withstand the rain and wind very well, and it’s big, so it is easy to get dressed in. It is very roomy, and has vents to keep the 3 rooms cool during the day. The tent is well constructed and has good durability. This three room instant cabin-style tent has large windows in each of the rooms, (7 windows total) and space for standing. There is a large awning that comes with this tent, which is great for relaxing in front of your tent in the shade. A plus is the large storage pockets in each room.

Some of the disadvantages of this tent are these: there is a lip between the rooms, which has caused some people to trip, and it does not have very many over head hooks.  A few customers have complained that the tent is not good quality, as it is made of polyester, but most customers state that this tent has lasted well for them.

I would recommend this tent. Although it does have a few negative reviews, the vast majority of customers who bought this tent loved it. It is durable, roomy, and of good quality. It is a quick set up  compared to many tents that are the same size. The Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin is a wonderful pop-up family tent.

Sportswear Fall River 10 Person Instant Dome Tent

This tent has great reviews. It comes with two rooms, and can hold 10 people. The price is $350, which is a little high, but still good for this size and quality of tent. The base of the tent is 15 feet by 10 feet, and stands 84 inches tall. The carry weight it 38 lbs. There are two adjustable ground vents which allow for cool air to come in, along with the windows.

The great thing about this tent is that the rooms completely zip closed between them. Some tents have simply a hanging piece of material that allows little privacy. Also, it has lots of storage space, and comes with multiple ceiling rings to hang items from. This Sportswear tent comes with a patented Omni- Shield, which means that the tent material is pre-treated to withstand water. The coated fabric resists the absorbstion of liquids, helping you stay dry and protected from rain. The material also dries 3 to 5 times faster than untreated fabric, which helps the tent stay lighter even when it’s wet.

One bad thing about this tent is that the floor material is a little on the thin side, so be careful what you put this tent on. Perhaps it would be best to put a tarp underneath it. It is not a winter camping tent since it has such great ventilation.

In conclusion, this is a great tent to buy of the pop-up version. It is an easy set-up, and the two rooms with the divider between them are very convenient for privacy and dressing. It is a beautiful tent with its blue and gray color scheme. The quality of the Sportswear Fall River tent is top-notch, and the pre-treated tent material is a nice bonus. This tent is definitely a good buy for you!

ZOMAKE Beach Cabana Pop Up Tent

This is the fastest pop-up tent yet! Just unzip the case, unlatch the strap, and it pops up all by itself! This is a great tent for 1 or 2 people. It’s small and lightweight, which makes for a good backpacking tent. However, it doesn’t fold up as small as a traditional backpacking tent, so plan on allowing for more room in your pack. The ZOMAKE tent is meant for the beach, and makes a wonderful tent to relax inside out of the sun.

Here are the great things about this tent. It truly is a pop-up tent, and practically sets itself up. With two windows and two large D-shaped doors, it allows for lots of ventilation. The doors and windows also have mesh screens to keep insects out. The material is UV resistant, and is ideal for a sun shelter, or a beach outing in clear weather. At only 5 lbs, this tent is easy to carry around, and fits well in any vehicle.

A few disadvantages to this tent: the material is thin, so will not withstand severe weather. The rain flap on top is too small and leaves a gap where rain can drip in. Another problem is that the 2 interior pockets are sewn into the floor of the tent, so the items placed inside are sitting on the floor and may get damaged.

In Summary, you will get just what you pay for. At just under $70, this tent is not made to withstand rain or wind, but is simply a tent for keeping out the sun. It would make a great tent for 2-3 people on a warm weather camping trip. It is also a great gift as a play tent for children. All in all, this pop-up tent is a good buy for you if you are planning on camping in warm weather, or using it as a shade tent.

This is actually a canopy tent, which pops up easily. It has a cathedral style roof designed for maximum headroom. It measures 10 by 10 feet, which gives you 96 square feet of shade. This canopy tent comes with a carry bag with wheels, which makes for easy transport. The color is bright blue which makes it attractive and neat.

Here are the good things about this Amazon canopy tent: It is easy for two people to set up and take down. And although the material is very lightweight, the important seams are double stitched. It is a good quality for the price, which is $90. The carry bag is durable, and as we stated above, has wheels, which makes it easy for one person to transport. Most reviewers agree that this tent will withstand wind, and normal wear and tear. This pop-up canopy tent does not come with any side walls. This can be both a good thing or a bad thing.

The bad is that it provides less shade than one with a side wall, and gives you full exposure to the wind. However, it is good for allowing a cross breeze if it is hot outdoors, and is great for quick navigating through for multiple people. Several customers have complained that the quality of this pop-up canopy tent is lacking. A few have stated that a leg broke, or that it leaked from the rain.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful canopy pop-up tent for keeping out of the sun. It is a good quality tent, and is the number 1 best seller on Amazon. This canopy tent will fit your needs for anything from camping to the beach, and for commercial use.

How to choose a tent for camping?

Whether it is the family and friends that bring you to the fresh mountain air or the beautiful sights of the camp grounds that attract you to the outdoors, this article will help you find the right tent that fits your criteria. Tents are a portable, temporary shelter or structure for the outdoors; they come in a verity for shapes, sizes, colors along with many additional features. The tents are supported by one or more poles and stretched tightly by cords and attached to pegs that are hammer or driven into the ground for support. Some of the most common questions asked when looking for the right tent are “what tent is right for me? Will it work for where I am going? How long will it last? What is the best tent out there? If you are like most of us we want the best, high quality, and with a reasonable price. Well don’t worry, we’ll go over many types, designs and key factors to find the best tent for you and what will make or break the camping adventure. Once you understand the differences between the camping tents, choosing becomes a synch.

Sleeping Capacity

When choosing a tent fit for you, first thing you need look for the is the size or model of the tent estimated by you group’s size and also whether or not you may need some additional spacing for extra gear, pet or even an extra friend. Tents are made per-person sizes. And when finding out the tents capacity, keep in mind that it will be a close fit for the size of your group. Generally it is about 25 square foot per person.  If you looking for a bit more room inside the tent. We’d advise you to go up a size or two on the tents capacity.  So say you are a 6 feet tall you’ll want at least 7 feet in length and 2 ½ feet in width for stretching so you are not squished on the side of the tent.  An eight by eight foot tent is great size for two adults with either space for cots or double air mattress or additional space to stand up. Kids may be comfortable in smaller sized tent. Couple other important questions when looking for the right size of tent is;

·       How large your companions?

·       Do any of them toss or turn in the night?

·       Are any of them claustrophobic?

·       Bring any addition small children or animals?

Tents Seasonality

     2-Season – The 2 season tent is mainly designed for camping in better weather like in the summer time of the year. It purpose is for shade and can help against mild rain and wind, but anything beyond that such as heavy rain or harsh winds is far more than its designed for. Some may come with optional flaps for ventilation and if need to close to keep cool to stop a bit of the wind and rain from coming in. These types of tents are ideal for relaxing and cooling off from the heat of the day.

            3-Season – This seasonal tent of by far the most popular choice of tents, 3-season are designed to be lightweight structure for shelter you from the typical camping seasons of spring, summer and fall. They commonly made with meshed panels to boost the air flow through the tents. Mesh panels also are designed to keep insects out and other debris flying through the air although powdery sand still may come in. It can also keep you dry during the rain and light snow fall and provide privacy. Usually equipped with an extra cover for the top of the tent it can protect you from a downpour or a windy night, but is not the best option for these harsh storms, roaring winds and biting heavy snow falls.   

            3-4 Season – The 3-4 season tent are the “Extended-season” a 3+ season tent. Constructed to prolong 3-season uses such as camping in the earlier spring and later fall with moderation of snow falls. The purpose of this type of tent offers a balance of ventilation system, more strength in the materials to with stand and provides more warmth in comparison. Usually it will include an additional 1 or 2 more poles and a bit fewer mesh panels then the 3-season models. From those few changes that’s where the extra strength and warmth come in. The 3-4 season tents with these added features are a great choice for you who go on frequent camping trips and are exposed to the high-elevations. Keep in mind that while these are very a sturdy structure, they are not adequate for the deep winter weathers.

            4-Season – As for the 4-season tents, these are engineered for those harsh winter winds, sustain the heavy snow and cope with the biting cold temperatures.  Although, their main function is withstand itself against the unwelcoming weather and above tree line. They are made with more poles and even heavier fabric than the 3 and the 3-4 season tents. Generally they are more rounded tent (dome design) to eliminate the flat tops that can collect snow. It has fewer ventilation mesh panels and with rain flies that extend closer to the ground, but some come the ventilation flaps in the top of the tent and is accessed on the inside to provide some air flow when needed. The main goal is to give you warmth and to protect you from the weather providing you a resourcing place of refuge.

            5-Season –As you can see the general logic and reasoning for each type of tent, the 5-season the used mainly for the Sub-arctic Mountain climates, engineered to withstand the harshest weathers. They are made with heavier fabric and materials than 4-season tents.

Tent Shapes

When looking for a tent you will find that tents come in many different sizes depending the brand or purpose of the tent. If you like standing out while you change clothes and or just the nice feeling of airiness in the high ceiling tent or if you are just looking for a place to sleep and place your gear, it helps to know the shapes of a tent for the ideal comfort. There are about four basic shapes which are:

A-frame– This tent is the classic and common upside down “V” shaped tent also known as the “pup” tent shape, but this particular one can be quite very large.

Umbrella– is the coned shape tent, used ideally for a families camping tent, because the height of the model with lots of standing space and for when the heavy rain comes down pouring over the tent it falls right off.

The Geodesic– Or the “dome” has many sides to it and this shape is common for a pop-up tent. This style office a great amount of strength and wind resistant proprieties which are much apprenticed on those winding, stormy nights. It is tall in the center of the tent and walls slope which does reduce the living space by a little bit.

Wall Tent-last but not least of the tent shapes is the wall tents or the Cabin-style tents. It is much like the A-framed or upside down ‘V’ tent in has vertical side walls on all sides with a peak at the top of rain fall and weather.  This tent gives the most height and living space, some model can come with room dividers and extendable door way.

Tent Features

     Tent polesA tent’s structure is supported by poles and will help you figure out if it will be easy or hard to pitch up. Many tents come with either the aluminum or the fiberglass type poles. The aluminum poles are stronger than the fiberglass poles it’s used mainly for the heavy duty tent such as the 4-season cotton wall tent that can fit many people. This kind you have a good amount of poles that is set up piece by piece sorted by color codes one each of the poles. On the other hand the fiberglass poles are a much lighter weight material that usually connects by a stretchy cord strung throw each set of poles. This makes it faster to set up with the attachable poles that pull throw and long sleeve on top and the sides of the tent.  Then comes with clips or short poles to give it strength and keep its balance and frame. Fiberglass poles do have a bit of flexibility to allow the tents structure to stay firm and tight.  With this type of set up, the pop-up tent is the easiest of them to put up, with only 1 or 2 people each tent be set up in less than a minute. Its’ poles are build in the tent itself and by putting it out and away it pretty much sets itself up. The great about family tent too, is that that are freestanding. This means they don’t really require stakes keep it up. It is extremely convenient to pick up the tent and move it to different locations is you please, but all tent usually come with stakes, so you can keep it in one place. Also it is very easy to shake to dirt out before putting it away.  Some fiberglass poles don’t always have that elastic running through each pole, but just connect just given joints. Tent MaterialChoosing the right fabric for your tent is quite easy. It’s quite often you’ll see that nearly all tents are made of nylon. The reason they use nylon so much is because it is a breathable fabric, light weighted and it is durable. Nylon is mainly used for the walls and coated nylon is waterproof so it is used for the fly and floors. A mesh is used for the windows to allow air flow. There are thicker fabrics like cotton tents, the heavier the tent becomes. Heavier fabric it becomes more of a non-rip material. Felt and polyester are also use to make some tents. Just keep in mind of how you are going to carry the tent and how heavy you’d like it to be. Also keep your tent dry when setting it down, if it is possible. If you have packed it wet, set it up when you get home and uses some Lysol or any disinfectant cleaner to prevent mildew from covering your tent.Check

the Zipper There are two types of zippers that are most commonly used for tents and other canvas products. First there is the coil zipper which also known as the “spiral” zip, this design has a continuous coil of material of nylon, polyester steel, aluminum   or even brass wiring, that run across both sides of the zipper. This kind is used mainly for the curved areas of the tent like the doors. The others one is the “tooth” zipper or the “chunky” zipper. This kind is mainly made of plastic and is a bit more of a heavy duty type zipper.

Zippers on a tent are should open and close freely without catching or crumple up the tents fabric. The zipper should not snag any of the nylon flaps or frayed fabric. You can lightly coat the zipper with a small amount of clear spray silicone to keep well up and working. And remember when setting up a tent stake down the tent with the doors zipped shut so it is tight and straight or it might be difficult to close later.  It is advised to make sure that dirty doesn’t get into the zipper, just shake the dirt and it should come out, also don’t force a zipper too hard or it might damage the tents fabric or the whole zipper.

VentilationThis one is an important one for those of you who love the fresh air. The mesh panel is often located in the ceiling, doors and windows throughout the tent. This will allow view and enhance the cross ventilation which will help out with stuffiness and let the fresh air breeze come in. It is good for the hot, humid climates, look for a larger mesh panels for to allow more air flow.

Stakes – When it comes to stakes there so many types and sizes that come in different materials. The four common tent stake materials you found out there titanium, aluminum, steel and plastic. The titanium is going to be the lightest, but also strongest tent stake option. It is engineered to be unbreakable when hammering into the ground. With the strength that it has it usually comes with a much smaller diameter than the aluminum tent stakes, which make it much easier to hammer into the ground and the perfect option for that hard and frozen soil.  The aluminum tent stakes are usually used for the softer-medium soils. They are light weight, but they can bend a lot easier then the titanium stakes. One the good side they are a lot cheaper and more common type of stakes. Steel stakes aren’t so much on the common side like the aluminum ones are. They will be tougher, but also not so much heavier. They can be made thinner in diameter for the recreational camping, but it can be made longer and heavier duty for the frozen grounds. It can be used for medium or hard soil.

Tent stake material is important when wanting the best, but also the shape of the stake plays a big role in it too. Like if you put or hammer a skinner stake into a sandy area, it’ll fly out the moment the breeze hits the tent. So for sandy, gravel, and soft soils you’ll want to have a stake with a lot of surface area. The most common shape for a stake is the round wire. it’s the most basic shape and found in just about every tent set. Then there is the “screw” shaped stakes and these are the ones that work amazing for sandy, loose soiled areas. And then there is the “V-shape” stake this one is also extremely good for soft grounds as well as packed soil. This one is less prone to get bent when hammering into the ground.

Loops and pockets-inside the tent a lantern loop is most likely going to be on the top center of the tents ceiling for that purpose to, to hang your lantern or flashlight for more light. Interior pockets are placed around the tent wall to help keep the tent nice and organized.

     Garage and Tarps– this is a shelter extension that attaches to your tent so you are able to store your muddy or dusty boots or even keeping your packing gear out of the rain. The goes on long with the tarps. Tarps are a great way to make shade, shelter, extra padding and wind barrier. It is recommended to place a tarp or “footprint” (preferably polyester) that is as about the same length and width of the tent floor and place it under the entire tent, because tent floors can be very tough, but those rocks, twigs and stamps and take a huge toll on the tent and with a family tent there is a lot of traffic in and out of the tent. So what this does is stop those bothersome things from poking through and prevent the water from coming in and you tent floor will be more waterproof, durable, long lasting. You can also place one on top of the tents top. There are so many different types of tarps and sizes, there is a canvas, vinyl, mesh, heavy duty, even fire proof and the most common is the polyester tarp and can use for about anything. The more severe the weather is it is wise to get a heaver tarp or one for the occasion.

Other Accessories

·       Stakes and anchors (for different types for site and condtions)

·       Utility cord

·       Broom and dust pan

·       Tent repair kit

·       Trash trapper

·       Seam sealer

·       Etc…….

Cost in mind– If you are like most of us who like cheaper, but high quality, who likes to find a great deal for a great tent, you are not alone. In general, the higher the price for a tent is, the more the tent is going to be made with a much stronger fabric, stronger poles and stakes, and having better stitching and more features to the tent. They will be able to withstand the wind and weather a lot more. They may even last longer. But that depends on if the tent is well taken care of.

If your are just beginning to start your camping adventure and you are not sure if you’ll like it or if just not right for you, then you can try to choose a lower cost tent to and see what happens. Then when you have some experience in then you can upgrade your tent to a better one. Another option is you can try like borrowing from a friend for the first time camping. As long as you know you love the outdoors and fresh air, getting your own tent is the best option.


Most commonly asked questions

            Many questions are asked when looking for a tent. Is it high quality? Or is it best for what I’m going for?  Is it a good price ranged? We all want than best of the best when it comes to home away from home. So by answering some of the most asked questions will help you find that dream tent.

            How strong should the tent be? When it comes to choosing the right strength for the tent, it is sometimes hard to tell. I suggest getting one that can weather the most of the seasons, like the 3-season tent is a perfect option for the in between. Unless you are going for the extreme harsh weathers, then absolutely go for an upgrade.

          What is life expectancy for a regular or commercial tent? It is very important to choose the right tent for the right occasion, since tents come in varies brands and sizes. A tent can be set up just for a few months a year will have a longer life expectancy than one that is used annually and set up and torn down every week. A seasonal tent, when used properly and taken care of it can last up to 10+ years.

             How many people can a tent hold? In the beginning of the article it talks about sleeping capacity. When looking for a tent it should tell you what the capacity is on it. And keep in mind that when you find out how many people are in your group to stay with you, it is wise to go up one more for extra space.

            How easy is it to set up a tent? Now, this can be a tricky question, because it depends on big your tent is, if it is a framed or pop up, and how many people do you need to set it up. If it is a framed tent then it takes about 2-3 people minimum and takes up to about 5-10 minutes, unless it is a giant family wall tent then you may need to require a bit more help. Pop-up tents on the other hand, only require one person and are up in seconds. If you like fast and easy that’s the way to go.

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