BEST Snake Proof Boots – High Quality Lowest Price

Whether you are trailing down the woods, out hiking, hunting or simply exploring the wilderness, you need your legs protected very well and not just from sharp rocks or slippery water trails but also from slithering creatures like snakes. 

While a good hunting boot will do well to protect you from most of the common injuries, it might not provide efficient safety against the dangers of a hidden snake. 

Therefore, you can’t take a chance for the consequence of being bitten by a venomous snake is severe. In other words, if you are venturing into the wilderness or working outside, you need a proper pair of boots, and there is no better option than snake proof boots.

Made from thick materials that cover up to the knee area, snake proof boots are specially designed to stop snake fangs from penetrating through and reaching the vulnerable sections of the leg. Moreover, they offer an efficient safeguard against other dangers lingering outdoors. 

However, considering the wide variations of boots on the market from different brands each with different specs, it’s important to be well informed so as to invest in the right pair of boots, one that will give you ultimate protection from all snake bites.

For this reason, we prepared this comprehensive review covering some of the best snake proof boots out there and included a guideline consisting of the vital factors to think about while weighing your options.

The factors are many, but I’m confident that once you finish reading this review, selecting the best snake proof boots that suit your exact needs won’t be a problem. Let’s get started.

Our Top 10 Picks

  1. Lacrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot

When it comes to the toughest snake boots on the market, Lacrosse Venom Scent APG HD Boots are the real deal. They are one of the boots that offer the best protection against slithering creatures without sacrificing the quality of the other features.

Their most striking feature is the solid construction which provides a tough 360 degrees snakeproof protection. It’s a combination of a thick, 1,000 denier nylon material with a thick, strong leather fabric. These are two highly reliable materials often used to construct snake boots, and they have been tightly interlaced in these boots such that they form an impossible to penetrate layer.

It’s this heavy duty construction that propels the Lacrosse Venom Scent to the top of our list. The boots are really tough, and I don’t see any snake fangs penetrating through them even if the most dangerous snake strikes you.

They are tall with a shaft height of 18 inches going up to the knee. This is a very important feature especially considering that some snakes tend to go for the lower half of the leg.

The 18-inches high shaft provides sufficient coverage to the leg. Therefore, if you will be walking through tall grass or shrubs where snakes are hidden from plain view, you can be rest assured that these boots will keep you safe.

In the case of unfavorable or wet and slippery terrains, you won’t easily lose your footing while wearing the Lacrosse Venom Scent boots. They have great traction to facilitate stability on unfavorable terrains. The sole is a strong rubber with rugged lugs that offer steady grip on the ground. Lacrosse has also combined the rubber with neoprene so that the boots provide proper insulation to the feet.

A common problem with most tall snake boots is that they often end up being very warm after hours of walking, but this is an issue you will not have to worry about with the Venom Scent. They are quite breathable despite their high shaft.

The boots utilize Lacrosse’s Hyper-Dry technology which is almost similar to UltraDry construction you will find in most Irish Setter hunting boots. The technology works by circulating air around the interior of the boot while wicking away moisture. This helps to keep the feet dry and cool during high temperatures. There are also antimicrobial fibers in the liner to help keep the boots odor-free.

Although they are not totally waterproof, the boots have a high level of water resistance. The Dry-Core lining goes all the way up providing a somewhat waterproof barrier. You could walk through soaking wet grass, marshland or quickly splash through a stream without water seeping through the boots. However, they might not keep all the water out when you stand or walk in the water for a long time.

Comfort is another strong feature of these Lacrosse Venom Scent APG HD Boots. The support on the ankle and arch is good while the EVA midsole plus the PU footbed offer sufficient cushioning to the feet. The boots bend easily around the ankle, a feature that I liked as it makes maneuvering on rough terrains especially ones with sharp or unsteady rocks a lot easier and comfortable too.

Putting them on and off is also not much hustle. They are zip up boots and for those keen hunters who understand the convenience of getting off your boots after a long hunting day, then this is another great feature you will like. The side zippers on each boot make getting them on and removing them easy and fast. I also liked the lace up structure which goes all the way from the toe. They can be adjusted for a snug and comfortable fit.

For a snake a boot, these are a quite lightweight and unlikely to wear you down when hunting, working or even hiking. The camouflage design looks good, and although it makes the boots more suitable for hunting environments, it can as well blend in work environments.

Probably the only major point of concern is that the boots sizes seem to run a bit small. There’ve also been some complaints that the zipper is not that strong enough and tend to stick at the top of the boots. So, you might want to keep these in mind in case you are considering to get a pair.

Overall, the Lacrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD is tough snake proof boots, one that you can definitely rely on if you are venturing in snake prone areas.


  • Made from tough snake proof materials
  • Provides sufficient coverage to the leg against snake bites
  • Traction is good with a grippy rubber sole
  • Breathable despite the high shaft
  • The Hyper-Dry technology and the Dry-Core linings work well to keep the feet dry
  • Very comfortable with ankle and arch support
  • Somewhat waterproof


  • Size might run a bit small, and they don’t come in women sizes
  • Might get warm during hot summer
  • Zippers are not that strong

Final Word

There is no doubt that this is one of the best snake proof boots on the market. It’s well built and very reliable as far as protecting you from snake bites is concerned while at the same time being comfortable and availing great traction. Their versatile design makes them ideal for about any environment.

If you are an avid hunter looking to invest in a serious pair of snake boots, then I would recommend getting these Lacrosse’s Venom Scent APG HD Boots.

  1. Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17” Hunting Boots

Irish Setter is a reputable brand with a long history of producing some of the most widely used hunting boots. Their Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek hunting boots are one of their top model designed purposely to offer maximum protection against snake bites. What’s more interesting is that they are packed with all the other great features you would find in Irish Setter boots.

The highlight of these bad boys is the tough SnakeGuard construction. It’s a combination of a non-woven synthetic material with leather, tightly entwined from the toe all the way to the boot’s tongue.

In short, the entire exterior of the boots is designed to stop snake fangs, thorns or any other nasty element from penetrating the boots. In addition, the shaft is 17” high, so it covers a large portion of the lower leg making the boots much more secure for venturing into bushy environments. 

Moving forward, the outer soles of these boots offer some seriously good traction on both dry and wet surfaces. They are made from a thick and sturdy rubber with deep angled lug pattern. When walking, the lugs hold on to the ground very well, especially in mud or snow. They might not offer much grip on slick surfaces, but that’s nothing to worry about, after all, they are not made to be used in such environments.

It’s had to find a 100% waterproof footwear, but Irish Setter Ultra Dry technology featured in these boots has proven to be more effective at keeping water at bay compared to that of other brands.  It includes a moisture management lining consisting of full grain leather and nylon which are quite efficient at preventing water from getting inside.

The lining is also breathable and wicks away moisture from the interior thereby keeping the feet dry and well ventilated. You can wear them while it’s raining or walk through shallow bodies of water and your feet won’t get wet.

I’m yet to find a pair of boots that are quite comfy than the Irish Setter boots. In fact, these were by far the most comfortable boots on our list. They have the feel of a sneaker but provide very solid support and protection to the feet.

The padding inside the boots is thick and soft while the footbed is a high rebound foam footbed. Together they cushion the feet allowing great stability and maneuverability.  The cushin tongue is another well-thought-of feature as it minimizes the pressure on the shin that arises from the tongue of the boot.  Basically, the boots are really flexible such that you can comfortably squat down or do whatever move you wish on them.

Like all the other Irish Setter boots, the 2875 Vaprtrek model is extremely light and considering that it’s a 17-inch high boot, that’s a big plus. The boots feature the exclusive Irish Setter RPM outsoles that are 40 % lighter than standard hunting boots. These soles significantly reduce the weight of the boots without affecting their sturdiness.

The lace-up style might be a bit of a turn-off especially because it somewhat makes taking off the boots a hustle, but nonetheless, these are quick to put on, and although I’m not a fan of lace-up system, it allows for a customized fit, and that’s something any hunter would desire.

Again like the Lacrosse boots above, these Irish Setter boots will not smell bad after wearing them all day long. The ScentBan technology is incorporated in the leather material, lining and the footbed to kill odor-causing bacteria hence keeping the feet fresh throughout.

The biggest issue though is that the insoles are not sewn or glued to the boots, and as such, they might come out easily. Other than that, these are true, snake proof boots that offer many great features. They don’t have a lot of insulation, but they will keep the feet warm and cozy during winter and fall. 


  • Entirely snake proof
  • Rubber sole offers great traction on slippery terrain
  • Waterproof lining keeps the feet dry
  • Breathable construction
  • The most comfortable snake boots on the market
  • Snug fit with good ankle support
  • Lightweight and very flexible
  • Easy to put on
  • ScentBan feature keeps the boots odor-free


  • The insoles are loose
  • Getting them off is a bit of a hustle

Final word

Like the Lacrosse’s Venom Scent APG HD Boots, the Irish Setter 2875 Vaprtrek hunting boots go beyond just offering protection from slithering creatures. They can as well battle the elements thanks to the UltraDy Waterproof technology, good traction, and ScentBan Technology. 

They are also comfortable, lightweight and sturdy allowing easy maneuverability on most terrains. The Realtree Extra Camo pattern is realistic and versatile enough for use in any hunting environment.

To sum it all, this is another reliable pair of snake proof boots that are worth every penny. If the Lacrosse Venom Scent was not a good match for you, then these Irish Setter 2875 Vaprtrek boots are a perfect alternative.

  1. Rocky Men’s Prolight Snake Boot

Coming in third is the Prolight Snake Boot from Rocky, another company with a great reputation for producing an array of top notch hunting boots as well as casual shoes. However, what makes their Prolight model stand out most is that it’s fairly priced compared to the other top snake boots yet in terms of performance and endurance, it delivers like the more expensive boots.

First, the Prolight provides ample protection from snake bites and other possible wounds. The entire construction from the toe to the top is thick leather reinforced with mossy oak camo Cordura nylon. This tough construction makes it hard for snake fangs to pierce through the boots and reach the feet.

The shaft is 16-inches long, which is a standard size for snake boots and tall enough to provide sufficient coverage to the legs against snakes that strike below the knee. The coverage comes in Mossy Oak camouflage that can trick visibility thereby not giving away your location.

While the boots are tall with a thick protective layer, they are light enough for easy and quick movement. So, if you are going to trek for miles during your hunt or hike, then these are the kind of boots you would want to wear as they allow you to cover great distance without exhausting the feet. 

The interior of the Prolight is comfortable. The padding inside the boots conforms well to the overall shape of the foot. The Terra Suspension footbed is another nice addition as far as comfort is concerned as the arch and the heel has been contoured to avail support and cushioning. These are also lace up boots, and as such, you can adjust the laces to your preference, but the fitting around the ankle and calf is comfortable.

Rocky has designed their Prolight snake boots with an air permeable mesh lining which comes in handy in case of hot weather. The lining adds breathability to the boots allowing fresh air to flow in and out to ventilate the feet and keep it dry.

Like I said before, finding a 100% waterproof boot is a tall order and although the Prolight has a watertight layer running along the entire length and height of the boots, they can only save your feet from dampness if you don’t walk on water bodies for a prolonged period. Furthermore, unlike the Irish Setter and the Lacrosse Venom Scent, these might require treating with waterproof spray to ensure they don’t leak in water.

The outsole is rubber and has brilliant treads, so no worrying about slipping. The boots will adhere well on different surfaces from rocks, sand to moist soil.  The base is also designed such that materials don’t stick to the bottom and that’s a plus as you won’t be stopping every few minutes to get rid of junk lodged at the sole.

Unfortunately, the boots are a bit difficult to break in. You might have to get a size up for a sure fit because they can feel clunky for a while.


  • Reliable snake proof construction
  • Lightweight and flexible enough to traverse around
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Great traction on uneven and wet surfaces
  • Features a water tight inner layer
  • Comfortable with remarkable cushioning
  • Provides good arch and ankle support
  • Rubber sole with treads to prevent debris from sticking to the bottom
  • Adjustable laces


  • Requires a pre-treat with waterproofing spray
  • Somewhat difficult to break in

Final Word

The Prolight snake boots strike a good balance between performance and protection from snake bites. They are made from durable thick leather and looking at their features from the light weight to comfort to firm traction and considering their price, it’s only right to say that these are one of the boots that offer great value for money.

For those on a tight budget but don’t want to downsize on quality, the Prolight Snake Boot is the right option to go with. However, keep in mind that the boots might require pre-treating to make them waterproof.

  1. MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boots

Following Rocky Prolight is the MuckBoots Pursuit, a snake proof hunting boot also packed with remarkable features. Unlike the other options on our list, the MuckBoots Pursuit is made from synthetic rubber.  We went through several rubber snake boots on the market, but at the end, we settle for the MuckBoots Pursuit as they proved fully up to the challenge of shielding the feet from snake fangs, the elements, and other common dangers.

In terms of penetration-resistance, rubber is a reliable material, but its effectiveness depends on how thick it is. The thicker it is, the more effective it is. Well, the MackBoots Pursuit has passed the test as far as this is concerned.

The exterior is a very thick synthetic rubber that’s tough enough to stop sharp and long snake fangs from penetrating through the boots. So, like the leather and fabric snake boots, these will definitely keep you safe in case of snake strikes, and they are 16.85″ tall, thereby they provide sufficient coverage.

Now the hallmark of these MuckBoots Pursuit snake boots is that they totally repel water. The whole exterior is thick rubber and considering that rubber is a non-porous material, no water is going to seep through these boots. They will keep the feet dry when crossing streams or trudging through swamps, mud or snow.

Even much better, they are cooler than regular rubber boots, and you know how hot and sweaty rubber boots can get in warmer temperatures. The Pursuit model utilizes Muck’s XpressCool technology which is a lining that wicks away moisture and gives the boots some level of breathability hence helps to keep the feet cool in warmer weather.

Moreover, inside the boots, there is a neoprene layer which provides thermal insulation to keep the feet warm when the temps are low. This combination of XpressCool technology and a thermal insulator is remarkable. It makes the MuckBoots Pursuit one of the few snake boots you can wear all through the four seasons without any worry.

You won’t get tired of wearing them either. They are lightweight and quite comfortable with great arch support. The interior is not padded, instead, has an, etc. anti-friction sock liner that’s cushion-like and feels soft, so no chaffing and discomfort like in regular rubber boots or gumboots. Support and impact resistance are well taken cared by the midsole which consists of EVA foam that also softens each step.

The podlike design of the rubber outsole offers plenty of traction on unfavorable terrains. Like the Prolight, these MuckBoots Pursuit Snake boots are ideal for trudging through mud or soil with lots of clay. The outsole pods prevent huge chunks of mud/junk from sticking under the boots.

When you look at all these features, it’s pretty clear that these are one of the best rubber snake proof boots on the market. If I had to point out a hitch, perhaps it would be that the boots are a little stiff at first which makes them somewhat difficult to get off. 

However, they stretch out after a while but not to the extent of slipping up and down on your feet. In addition, being rubber boots, they have good scent control.


  • Thick penetration resistant rubber exterior
  • Completely waterproof
  • Rubber outsole with podlike pattern offers firm grip
  • Don’t overheat the feet
  • XpressCool lining keeps wicks sweat away
  • Comfortable with good arch support
  • Very durable


  • A little stiff, require some time to break in
  • Difficult to take off
  • Finding proper size is a bit tricky

Final Word

It’s hard to find a reliable rubber snake boot, and the MuckBoots Pursuit is just one of the few full rubber boots that are well built to withstand strikes from a wide range of snakes. On top of this, they are completely waterproof and surprisingly cool compared to regular rubber boots.

To sum it all, I would say these are the best rubber snake boots on the market and a good investment because they can last for quite a long time. Therefore, if you are still weighing your options, then I would recommend you also consider these MackBoots Pursuit snake proof hunting boots.

  1. Wood N’ Stream Men’s Snake Bite 17” Leather Cordura Hunting Boot

Coupling brown leather with Cordura fabric in Mossy oak based camouflage, the Wood N’ Stream men’s snake bite model is a tough boot and perhaps the best looking on this list. These boots offer a lot to like. They fit right out of the box with a little breaking in, which is something you don’t see in many leather snake proof boots.

The 17″ inch high robust shaft of these boots offers an impenetrable barrier that covers the leg up to the knee area. All the vulnerable parts of the legs are well protected from snake bites and other sharp objects that might cause injuries including the side zippers which are reinforced with a 3mScotchgard protector to prevent snake fangs from getting through this section. So as far as safety is concerned, these boots will not let you down.

In wet conditions, your feet will stay dry and warm. They are water tight and although not 100% waterproof, the boots are designed to withstand harsh conditions from rain, wetlands and marshy areas.  There is cement on the soles which is good as it also enhances the boots water resistance.

The uppers are breathable releasing moisture from the inside and allowing fresh air to come in, so no sweaty feet inside to cause dampness or odor.

The comfort level is pleasing. The interior is supplied with EVA and PU cushioning making the boots comfortable when taking heavy steps.

The outsoles grip on wet and slippery surfaces is firm. They are rubber and incorporate the z-trace slip resisting technology that’s quite efficient at holding the boots in position on the ground to ensure stability when walking.

One thing though, there is no ankle support, and that’s a major turn-off because it will be tough to maintain sure footing on steep incline terrain. This means that the boots are somewhat limited to flat and semi-flat terrains.

The zipper closures seem tough and well-made, but they have been several complaints that the sliders often jam and get stuck on the fold in the zipper material. This and lack of ankle support are the only major issues we noticed on these Wood N’ Stream snake bite hunting boots.

All in all, the boots are well constructed, they fit true to size with very little breaking in time, and you will not have any trouble cleaning them because they feature a 3m Scotchguard coating that repels most stains which are really impressive.


  • Provides snake protection to the entire leg
  • Water tight design to keep the feet dry in wet conditions
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Good traction on slippery terrain
  • Fits true to size with little breaking in
  • Durable boots


  • No ankle support especially on uneven terrain
  • Zipper likely to get stuck after sometimes

Final Word

Final Word

These Wood N” Stream boots rival some of the top snake boots from the more established brands like the MuckBoots Pursuit, Rocky Prolight, and Chippewa snake boot.  The snake protection barrier is tough and impenetrable while water resistance is great. The fact that you can wear the boots, get them dirty and not worry about stains thanks to the 3m stain resistant Scotchguard is impressive.

In short, these are another nice pair of snake proof boots that offer quality for the money and one that I wouldn’t mind recommending to someone in search of a reliable, secure snake boot that looks good too.

  1. Justin Men’s Dune Traction Snake Proof Cowboy Boots

From the brown Cordura shaft sandwiched between the solid beige-colored leather lowers and trimmed leather tops to the black rubber outsole, these Justin snake proof cowboy boots are designed for those who wish to keep their feet safe from snakes and look stylish at the same. They have a distinct yet charming cowboy look which I believe any avid fan of cowboy boots will appreciate.

The materials and construction of these tall cowboy boots offer nothing short of sure protection against snake bites. The whole construction from the lower to the 17” shaft is predominantly leather. The shaft is further reinforced with Cordura lined with a viper cloth snake proof fabric.

The combination of these materials provides a tough shield that can withstand all kinds of snake bites. Plus, the shaft is 17” tall reaching almost to the lower knee and the seams are, so the whole lower leg is totally protected. The seams are leather lined and taped to cover the sewing holes hence no fangs will be going through these sections either.

The boots will also not leak in water. The construction is somehow water tight and the fact that the seams are taped means that the holes usually left behind after sewing are blocked. Therefore, no water is going to seep in through the seams.

Comfort has been seriously taken into account as well. The boots feature the J-Flex comfort system which involves incorporating flexible points throughout the boots so that moving around in them all day long does not cause any discomfort.

The insoles are made from Poron, a cushioning material that’s very effective at reducing friction and preventing calluses. They are dense and provide sufficient amount of softness for optimum energy return with every step; thereby you get the same cushioning comfort every time you wear the boots.

Sturdy traction on unsteady terrain is another strong feature of these Justine cowboy snake boots. The outsoles which are made from rubber have the Dune traction system that makes every step stable giving much control on unfavorable surfaces. However, they might not hold on very well on steep, slippery terrains.

Putting on and removing the boots is easy thanks to the zipper closure which are well built and don’t look like they will jam like those of the Wood N” Stream boots. There are also leather straps to allow fastening for a snug fit.

The calf parts are slightly wide to accommodate people with large calves, and although this is a good feature, it might be too big for those with smaller calves. Nonetheless, you can tuck your pants into the boots to cover the extra space.

It’s worth noting that these boots are not totally waterproof, so there is not the best option for venturing in wet areas. They might also get slightly hot and sweaty in warmer weather as there breathability is very poor. Another point of concern is their size, they are too roomy and will require adding an extra insole or wearing thick socks to get a proper fit.

Apart from these few setbacks, there is nothing else to worry about. The overall quality is good and the materials especially the leather provides durability. With a little care, these boots can give you a few years of service.


  • Thick and tough snake proof construction
  • Comfortable
  • Solid grip on various terrain
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Somewhat waterproof
  • Very durable
  • Ideal for winter conditions


  • Too big for those with thinner calves
  • A little bit roomy
  • The construction might be stiff at the beginning

Final Word

These are versatile boots that can blend almost anywhere. They look stylish while still offering maximum protection from snake bites. Overall, the Justine Men’s Dune Traction Snake Proof Cowboy boots are a worthy investment if you want something that will secure your feet from snakes and allow you to go anywhere without feeling out of place.

  1. ForEverlast Snake Guard Shields

While snake boots address more concerns than just protecting your feet from snake bites when out hiking, hunting or working, gaiters and chaps provide an affordable alternative to those who want protection against snakes but don’t wish to invest on an expensive snake proof boot.  These easy-to-wear accessories work well with normal boots and offer the same level of defense as the average snake boot.

Although there are so many options out there with different designs and build quality, these ForEverlast Snake Guard Shields are the ultimate choice in this category. They are well designed and feel tough despite their inexpensive price.

These guard shields are thick and strong enough to prevent snake fangs from making it through to the skin. The outer layer is made from a sturdy, rugged 900-denier nylon and reinforced with a tough Cordura-like upper forming an impenetrable barrier.

The Guards start from the top of the boots going up almost to the bottom of the kneecap and encircle the legs thereby provide great coverage to the most vulnerable parts. Beyond snake protection, the hardness of these gaiters will withstand sharp sticks, scrubs, cactus, stiff under-brush, and rocks.  In addition, the denier nylon material offers some level of water resistance, so paired with waterproof boots, these guards can keep your lower legs and feet dry.

They fit well and are lightweight enough to remain comfortable. Putting them on and taking off is easy and once properly tightened down, they stay in position without moving around on the legs.

The fasteners are pretty sturdy, but the release buckles seem somewhat flimsy. They are inclined to break within a few months of use. However, these are replaceable parts. Thereby, you can get more solid buckles should they break.

Another slight setback is that the materials used don’t breath well, so you can expect a bit of heating and moisture accumulation in high temperatures. I don’t think it will get to a point where you feel uncomfortable in them, but it’s something worth keeping in mind when making your decision.

Overall, these ForEverlast Snake Guard Shields are well built and offer reliable protection against snake bites without being too bulky to restrict your movement or exhaust the legs. The Real Tree APF Camo pattern is a well-though-off addition that will blend well to the natural surrounding if you are heading out to the wilderness. Paired with a good camo hunting boots, you can handle any challenge that nature throws your way.


  • Tough materials that can withstand snake strikes and thorns
  • Offers some level of water resistance
  • Provides good coverage to vulnerable parts of the legs
  • Fits accordingly
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Somewhat comfortable without restricting your movements
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Nice real Tree APG Camo pattern and design


  • Release buckles are a bit flimsy
  • Not breathable, might hold in moisture and get warmer in high temps

Final Word

Thick gaiters with solid materials, these ForESverlast Snake Guard Shields offer sufficient level of protection when hitting snake prone areas or areas with lots of thorns and underbrush. Unlike most other options, these are fairly lightweight and comfortable despite their stiff structure.

You will have to stand the slight warmth and perhaps have to replace the buckles but other than these two issues, these gaiters will keep you safe, and their inexpensive price makes them a worthy investment.   

  1. “Snake Guardz” Snake Protection Leggings

The Snake Guardz snake protection leggings are one of the models that are very versatile. They are the ideal option if you want a one-for-all outdoor activities gaiters.

While a majority of gaiters tend to be stiff and bulky, these are somewhat flexible yet tough to prevent penetration of fangs. They are made from a combination of thick nylon material and polycarbonate inserts which are strong plastics. These two materials provide the required toughness to stop sharp objects from piercing through and reaching the leg.

The gaiters are about 17” high covering the legs from the ankle to the knee hence protects a vast part of the lower leg. The small flap at bottom shield a portion of the shoe and covers the laces too which ensures that no fangs or thorns get tangled in the boot laces when you are struck. 

The fasteners seem strong, and the gaiters easily fit around the leg.  They are adjustable. You can fasten them to get a snug fit. Each gaiter weighs around 10 oz, so they are pretty lightweight and won’t wear you down if you put them on all day long, plus they are comfy.

They appear to be treated with some kind of water repellent than keep off moisture but the fact that they are not waterproof I wouldn’t recommend venturing into wet conditions with them. Unlike the ForEverlast Snake Guard Shields, these allow some level of breathability, so your legs will stay cool.

The only down side is the flimsy buckles. This is an issue I have had with many gaiters.  The plastic used to make the buckles is often cheap and end up breaking after some time or get loose and come off. The good thing though is that the buckles can easily be changed to ensure an entirely secure fit. Other than that, these are effective gaiters as far as securing your feet is concerned.


  • Versatile gaiter
  • Effective at preventing penetrations
  • Lightweight and flexible materials
  • Covers most parts of the legs
  • Comfortable
  • Fits well
  • Easy on and off


  • Flimsy buckles that often get loose

Final Word

Snake Guardz Snake Protection Leggings are one of the popular gaiter models on the market due to their all-round application. They are also reasonably priced and compared with the quality of their design and materials. They indeed offer value for money.

If you are a hiker, hunter, rancher, fisherman or you engage in any type of outdoor activity, then these Snake Guardz gaiters can be a nice addition to your line of outdoor gears.

  1. ForEverlast Snake Guard Chaps, Camouflage

ForEverlast Snake Guard Chaps are a perfect option if you are looking full protection from the thighs down to the feet. Apart from the size, these chaps are no different to the ForEverlast gaiters. The materials and design are the same.

The outer layer is made of a Cordura-type material that goes all the way up to the thigh. However, only the bottom part is fitted with polycarbonate panels, and since the lower leg is the most vulnerable portion of the leg, the combination of Cordura and the hard plastic provide a solid double layer of protection to ensure no fangs penetrate the lower leg whatsoever.

The upper part offers single protection, and though not as effective as the bottom part, it still offers sufficient guard against thorns and other obstacles as you move through the brush. 

What we like most about these ForEverlast chaps is that despite being bulky they are not that heavy like most other chaps. They are light and somehow comfortable to wear throughout the day. The full height adjustments with quick release buckle make putting them on easy, and they attach to the belt loops to ensure they fit properly.

Like the ForEverlast gaiters, these too will keep away moisture but they not totally waterproof. In high-temperature conditions, they might get warmer due to their length and also because the materials used are not that breathable. In any case, that’s bound to happen and shouldn’t be much of a bother considering that they are quite effective when it comes to snake protection.


  • Effective protection on the lower leg
  • Single layer protection on the upper part
  • Not that heavy
  • Somewhat comfortable
  • Easy to adjust for proper fit
  • Durable


  • Not that breathable due to material and construction
  • Can get warm in humid environments
  • Could be a bit longer for short users
  • No flaps at the bottom

Final Word

These ForEverlast chaps offer that extra protection you wouldn’t find with gaiters or snake proof boots. They will keep your lower protected from slithering creatures and thorns and as well prevent any injuries that might arise from sharp sticks, scrubs, cactus or stiff brush that go past the knee.

In short, if you want a gear that provides full protection to your entire leg while out hunting or hiking, then you can pair these camo ForEverlast Snake Guard chaps with good camo hunting boots.

  1. Tuff Shins Plastic Snake Leggings

Closing our top 10 list is the Tuff Shins Plastic Snake Leggings.  This is probably the most pocket-friendly and easiest snake protection you will find out there. From just a quick glance at these leggings, you easily notice that the design and construction differ greatly from other typical gaiters.

They have a very simple design yet offer one of the toughest protection against all kinds of snake bites. The whole construction is made from the hard plastic material. The rigidity of this plastic material makes these gaiters very effective at protecting the feet because the best that a snake fang can do is leave only a scratch on the surface. I’m certain even needles or thorns will not penetrate the gaiters however aggressive you plunged into them.

The plastic construction molds to the leg and wrap around the leg for a firm fit. The gaiters are not that stiff despite the hard plastic. Another thing to like, is the knee protection. The gaiters go almost past the knee area hence they provide an extra degree of security that most other gaiters don’t provide.

They are also lightweight, and the fact that they don’t come with ties of Velcro straps makes them the easiest gaiters to put on and take off. The plastic construction molds nicely to the leg and allow the gaiters to stay in position without the assistance of straps.

However, breathability is an issue. Wearing them over long pants in warm weather will definitely get hot and sweaty. But in terms of keeping your feet dry in wet conditions, these will not disappoint you since the whole construction is waterproof.

The only other issue you will have is that they are a little awkward when kneeling. Their single hard plastic construction does not allow flexibility in upper or lower areas, but I believe with time this can be tolerable.


  • Impenetrable plastic construction
  • Offers knee protection
  • Lightweight
  • Easiest to put on and take off
  • Waterproof
  • Fits right
  • Inexpensive


  • Not breathable
  • A little awkward when kneeling
  • Not flexible enough

Final Word

There is nothing much to say about these Tuff Shins Plastic Snake Leggings other than that they are decent pocket-friendly gaiters. If your budget is stretched too thin or you just want a pretty much straightforward but effective snake bite protection, then this is a worthwhile option.

Key Factors to Consider While Weighing Your Options

  1. The Materials

The material is what determines a snake boot’s effectiveness to stop penetration of fangs and other sharp objects.  However, many manufacturers use a combination of materials in making their snake boots. Generally, the most reliable materials are leather, Cordura nylon, denim, Kevlar and synthetic weaves. In this case, the best option is to go with boots that combine leather as the primary material with either Cordura nylon or one of the above-mentioned materials.

Such a combination, tightly interlaced in the boots create a dense and tough barrier that’s impenetrable hence guarantees complete protection against almost all kinds of danger. There are other boots made solely out of rubber, and these might offer sufficient protection provided that the rubber is thick. Therefore, you want to make sure the snake boot uses a thick material or a combination of two tough materials that will withstand strikes from the most aggressive snakes.

  1. Coverage

A snake boot is only as effective as the amount of coverage it provides. Like I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the reviews, snakes tend to strike the lower half of the leg which means you must pick a boot that has a high shaft.

The height of snake boots will range from 16 to 18 inches. The shaft of the boot you are considering should lie within this range. However, a high shaft that extends way past the ankle or goes up to the lower knee is the best option as it gives sufficient coverage to all the vulnerable sections of the leg.

  1. Comfort

The last thing you want is buying a great snake boot, but it’s unbearable to walk in. Here, there are several things you must take into account. First, the padding inside the boots and the midsole. A comfortable boot will have dense and soft paddings in the interior with the midsole made from either EVA foam or PU to provide sufficient cushioning and support to your feet when walking.

The boot should have flexible points throughout or at least be contoured to afford a snug fit and reduce rigidity for easy maneuverability. Another important element that hinders comfort is the kind of closures used on the boot. Zippers and lace-ups are the more common type closures.

Boots with zipper are comfortable since they are easy to put on and take off. Lace up boots are as well comfortable and provide a more customized fit, but their only slight drawback is taking them off. Untying the laces sometimes can be a nuisance especially after long hunting day. Wearing them can also be cumbersome since they need time to tie the laces.

The other option you have are slip-on boots. These are easy to put on but might not provide a snug fit due to lack of laces or zippers. All in all, the best options here are boots with a zipper or lace-up closure, but this solely depends on your preference.

  1. Waterproof and Breathability

Aside from comfort, you want boots that will keep your feet dry and cool in hot and wet conditions. In this case, you have to confirm that the boot features a waterproof layer or material and as well that the material is breathable. Lacrosse and Irish Setter boots use some UltraDry technology that makes their boots waterproof, allow air circulation and wick away sweat.

These kinds of boots are the best option if you are venturing into wet areas. Basically, if a boot features waterproof and breathable lining, it will be listed in the description. So, it’s a matter of going through the features and specifications to ensure that these features are present.

  1. Traction

Since you will be trekking on various terrains, you want a boot that offers a solid grip so that you don’t end slipping and falling while hiking or trailing a prey. In this case, look for a boot that has rubber outsoles with rugged treads or angled lug pattern. This will give you solid traction on slippery and wet terrains. All the boots on our list have rubber soles with firm traction.

Finally, you need to consider the weight of the boots. Here, you want to go for a snake boot that’s tough yet lightweight enough not to exhaust your legs. Again, I would recommend an Irish Setter or Lacrosse snake boot as they are somewhat lighter than the other models hence allow you to cover long distances without straining your body.

The Bottom Line

There is no compromise when it comes to selecting snake proof boots because it’s your safety and life that’s in the line. A single snake bite from a poisonous snake is fatal, and as such, you should have no business taking chances. The good news though is that with the right snake proof boot you will not have to worry about unexpected snake bites.

The options are many, and all it takes is keeping the key factors mentioned above in mind while going through the different models on the market. Our top 10 list includes some of the best and reliable models you will find out there, and I believe gives you a good head start. If you’ve carefully gone through the reviews and the guidelines, then narrowing down your options to the most suitable snake proof boot that will address your particular needs shouldn’t be hard at all.