Best Under Bed Gun Safes and Storage – Reviews Top 10 List


Having quick access to your gun while sleeping can make all the difference between protecting your loved ones and ending up being another victim of a home invasion.

Should the moment come where you are forced to sprang into action to protect your family and property, the last thing you would want is fumbling around in the darkness for a firearm.

The bottom line is, a gun safe properly stored right under your bed not only ensures that your firearm is within arm’s reach should there be a break-in late in the night, but also provides a secure storage so that it may not end up in the wrong hands be it of a hard-core criminal or your young kids.

In light of these, we are going to take a look at the best short gun and long gun under bed safes that the market has to offer and give you a break-down of some of the key features you need to keep an eye on when purchasing an under bed safe for your firearm.

Our selection includes safes that operate on a biometric lock to those that feature electronic lock and regular key lock so as to help you decide on the best option that will suit your particular needs.

Portability, flexibility, ease of access, space, and of course safety are just some of the criteria we’ve used in coming up with our top bedside gun safes list.

If you are in the market for an under bed safe tailored to give you a quick and easy access to your gun whenever you need it while still keeping it out of wrong hands, then one of these beauties might just be the right choice.

Let’s get started!


Top under Bed Gun Safes for Hand Guns


  1. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe, Model # QAP1BE

When it comes to quick and reliable access in the event of an emergency situation, the Sentry Biometric Pistol Safe is indeed the best option you will find on the market.

The fact is that while most under-bed safes feature one or two methods of entering the safe, this Sentry Quick Access model provides multiple ways.  This is what sets it apart from the rest.

First, it has a biometric fingerprint scanner, and it works flawlessly. Once you touch the scanner or punch a button, the safe wakes and you simply swipe a finger over the scanner, and you get instant access to your gun.

It features a gas strut which is strong and takes only a few seconds to open the lid.  The best part is that the safe can be set up so that both you and your spouse can have access which is vital especially if one of you is home alone. The biometric fingerprint scanner is programmed to allow for Primary and Secondary user fingerprints for opening the safe. 

The safe also offers a combination unlock keypad as well as an option for a regular key. Both the biometric reader and the finger code pad work on batteries, so if they were to die, you are still able to access the safe using the provided regular key which is a big plus.

The buttons on the surface are designed to light in the dark making it easy to see them late in the night while the compression gas strut opens the safe quietly in addition to being pry resistant.

When it comes to space, the safe offers plenty of room to accommodate a full-size pistol and perhaps an extra mag. The interior has padding on both sides (top and down), thereby, it does not compress the gun but holds it quite securely while adequately protecting its finish from scratches.

Basically, the interior has enough space to fit a wide range of guns from, Glock 17, 21, 23, 25, 42, or a 45 cal Kimber 1911 to a 9 mm sr9c as well as an S&W bodyguard.

Regarding battery life, they do last awhile and can go for over three months before replacing them.

Another thing to like about this Sentry Safe is its very sturdy and well-built construction. Its body is a 12-gauge tamper-resistant steel.

However, despite having all these wonderful features, I still wish Sentry could at least add an option that would allow to power the safe from a wall outlet so that the batteries could act as a backup in case of power outage. 

Certainly, such an upgrade wouldn’t cost much for Sentry to add. Nonetheless, as far as reliability and quick accessibility are concerned this safe tops the list. And it looks stylish too.


  • Reliable Biometric lock with quick accessibility
  • Plenty of room for a full sized handgun and other accessories
  • Well-built construction
  • Pry-resistance is great
  • Multiple lock options
  • Illuminated buttons for easy access in the dark


  • Does not feature an option for wall outlet powering

Final Thought

This is a definite recommendation to anyone looking for the best bedside safe that’s quick to access and provides secure storage for your firearm, loaded or not.

Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock

Next up we have the Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock. This is another great option if you are looking for a secure safe that readily avails your weapon in an emergency.

Like the Sentry, this Barska safe features a Biometric fingerprint lock that’s pretty reliable. If an intruder breaks in the house, you will be able to effortlessly and quickly access your firearm. The safe takes about 3 seconds to open when using the fingerprint.

The best part about the Barska safe is that unlike the Sentry, it can save up to 30 individual fingerprints, but it will read only one finger at a time. In other words, you can save different fingers such that when one cracks or fails to read, you can try a different one.

It also means that you can have the family members you trust to save their fingerprints so that they can have access to the gun or items stored in the safe be it medicine, money or important documents. Programming this safe is straightforward, it just needs following the instructions, and within one to two minutes you are done.

In case the fingerprint pad has some problems, or it fails to identify fingerprints, you can access the safe using a key instead. As much as this might be an undesired possibility especially during an emergency, it’s still an essential entry option to have. It’s also a reliable backup when the battery dies. 

The safe is quite spacious too. It measures 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5 inches so that it can accommodate most handguns including a Sig Sauer XD-9 in its casing. It comes will the necessary hardware with pre-drilled anchor holes for mounting it permanently to the floor if you wish so.

This unit comes with original AA batteries and based on the product description; they can last approximately 2 years. We are yet to confirm this, but I guess the battery lifetime will depend on how often you will use the safe. The more you use it, the more it will deplete.

But they are replaceable, and when they start to get low, the safe is design to beep to alert you that you need to change them. So, you don’t have to worry about the batteries going dead on you. Furthermore, the two backup keys are included to ensure you are not locked out of accessing your valuables.

My only issue with this Barska Biometric safe is that I wish they could have used a material that offers maximum pry resistant for the structure. The material used is not that heavy duty like the one used in the Sentry, but it will need a big hammer or pry bar and a serious effort to break in.

There was also a lot of complaints about the “beep”, but surely that’s should not even be a point of concern in purchasing the safe considering that it comes with a disabled feature that can put it off with a simple 7-second hold of the disabled button.


  • Reliable Biometric lock
  • Keyed backup lock
  • Quite spacious to accommodate several short guns
  • Can take up to 30 fingerprints
  • Easy and quick-to-access safe
  • Alerts you when the batteries are low
  • Somewhat solid build


  • Does not include a cable for additional power supply

Final Verdict

I must say that this is one of the best under bed safe out there despite its slight mishap. The biometric lock works well, it’s large enough, and if you mount it securely in a tight spot that can prevent any chances of pounding, then it should last long. This is another definite option for those in need of a reliable way to store and instantly access their weapon and other valuables.

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe, Semi-Flat Black

V-line is a company with a reputation for producing quality products, and their Slide-Away Security Safe does well to cement this reputation. For those who don’t trust biometric firearm safes, then this is the ultimate safe for you.

Heavy, very sturdy and virtually unable to break in is what describes best this V-line safe. Compared to all the other safes in our list, this is the only other option that gives the Sentry biometric safe a run for its money when it comes to build quality.

I had one of this for some years before trying out the Biometrics safe, and I can certainly attest to its long term durability.

The first thing to like about this beauty is its mechanical locking mechanism. No need of electrical outlet or changing out batteries. The lock works perfectly with a pullout drawer that operates smoothly.

The best aspect of its locking mechanism is that the drawer is spring loaded enough such that when you unlock it, it just pops open about an inch where you can grab it and open the rest of the way. Setting up the lock is quite easy, and the safe includes two additional locks one either side. So, you can use either the mechanical lock or the tubular key or even both of them.

Now to the build quality, the outer shell, as well as the drawer face, is a 12 gauge steel which is thick enough to prevent any prying and there are even reinforcement lips at the openings of the door. So, this is not something that a kid would be able to pry, and once you bolt it down, I don’t think even a tough burglar would be able to pry or easily carry it off.

The drawer has two compartments, so the safe offers tonnes of room for a full-size handgun like a 9mm pistol or an S&W Governor and a spare compartment for other valuables like jewellery and important documents.

The only slight setback noted with this V-Line safe is that it needs a bed frame that sits high enough so that you will be able to open the drawer to get your firearm out. Other than that this is a strong safe that is capable of giving you many years of service.


  • Very solid pistol safe
  • Quick and easy to access mechanical lock
  • Very durable
  • Easy to install
  • Spacious to accommodate a variety of shit guns


  • A bit highly priced than the other options
  • Might require bolting to enhance its pry resistance

Final Thought

This is a secure, solid and easy-to-use safe for firearms that require instant access. Like the Sentry Biometric Safe, this is another unit on this list that’s built to last. Looking at its price tag, you might hesitate at first, but once you get hold of it, you will certainly appreciate the workmanship and the overall quality.

Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-300 – Quick Combo Vault

Coming in at number four, everything about this Liberty Handgun Vault screams nothing but HEAVY DUTY! With regards to pry resistance, this unit simply beats the rest.

The safe is rock solid with a 16 gauge thick steel used to make the outer shell.  This is actually the most fantastic thing about this safe. It would be a pain in the ass to break into this safe, that one I can guarantee. No safe is 100% secure, but this one will take a lot of effort to open with normal tools.

Moving to the locking system, this is one features an electronic keypad with the possibility of 1000+ combinations. The lock opens pretty fast, and this is because of the auto-opening front door that’s angled. Furthermore, the angled design and the shelf provides easy access to your gun or valuable.

In the event that you can’t remember the access code or the battery is dead, the safe comes with an override key as a backup. When it comes to space, the unit has two shelves where you can put one or two guns and other valuables. However, the shelves seem to be a bit on the weak side. With more than 4 pounds, it might bow.

Like other bedside safes, this Liberty unit is not fire proof but can protect your valuables from fire for about 60 minutes at 1,200 degrees.

Due to its slightly upright design and large size, it might give you trouble when trying to fit under your bed, but if your bed frame is high enough, then it should fit right in.

Again, like the other safes that feature electrical locking system on this list, this Liberty handgun does not allow the use of A/C adapter, it only works on batteries.

In my own opinion, this is a significant setback because the batteries should act as backup not as primary source of power, so that should the power go off, you will still be able to utilise the electrical locking system. 


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Roomy enough
  • The auto-opening door provides easy and quick access
  • Can provide fire protection up to 60 minutes
  • Will last for long


  • The interior shelves are somewhat no that strong
  • A bit large
  • Cannot be powered using an A/C adapter

Final Thought

This is the most solid safe on this list and offers great pry-resistance. The locking system is fast, thereby, provide quick access to your firearm. Other than the not so strong shelves, if you want durability and excellent pry-resistance on top of quick access, this is a worthy investment.

ECR4Kids Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe

Definitely, this is not a safe for storing a weapon, but if you are on the look-out for a nice small safe to store valuables other than guns and you don’t wish to invest hundreds of dollars in a heavy and thick steel safe, then it’s a suitable alternative for you.

When you first look at this safe, you can easily dismiss it since it’s made out of plastic. However, it’s a hard high-quality thick plastic and has metal trim around the lock as well as in other locations for reinforcement. Therefore, the safe itself is very tough and durable.

The tether (steel cable) it comes with is very handy as it helps to secure it on a permanent fixture to prevent someone from removing it, especially your children from having to roll it around the house should they get hold of it.

It uses the regular key locking system which is ideal since you will not be storing a gun in there. Basically, it locks tight and unlocks very smoothly without any resistance. The lock has been reinforced with some metal plate held by rivets which is a well thought of feature as it boosts its strength.

Regarding capacity, the interior is very large, so it’s capable of accommodating several items at once. You can store important documents, emergency money, jewellers and have enough space to fit in a tablet.

This safe will fit perfectly under the bed thanks to its low profile, not forgetting that it has wheels, so it’s just a matter of pulling it or pushing it, and it will easily roll out of bed giving you quick access to your valuables.

However, one thing you should note is that it comes with two universal keys, so you might want to make sure that both of them are well kept or if you are buying it for your kid, you can give him/her one key and remain with the other just in case one gets lost.


  • Made out of tough and durable plastic
  • Locks tight with metal plate reinforcement
  • Very portable
  • Ideal safe as well for teenagers to lock their things
  • Equipped with wheels for easy retrieval
  • Well priced


  • Not ideal for storing weapons
  • Keys are universal so that it might need a padlock for added safety
  • Not exactly pry resistant

Final Thought

Despite the fact that it’s not built for gun storage, this might be a great option for storing important valuables without incurring much cost

2-Pack | Gun Magnet w/ Adhesive Backing | Car Holster | Bedside Holster | Steering Wheel Gun Holster | Under The Desk Pistol Holster | Gun Holsters For Cars | Vehicle Gun Mount | Pistol Holster In Car

Closing our top short gun bedside safe is not really a gun safe but more of a gun holster. If you are working on a tight budget and you don’t wish to buy gun safe, but need something that will firmly hold your gun and provide a quick arm’s reach during an intrusion, then this very affordable bedside holster from Concealed Carrier, LLC might just be for you.

The gun holster has a slim profile, but it comes with two strong magnets. Once you install both magnets side by side, they are more than capable of holding a full-sized pistol or any steel short gun securely in place. 

It comes with an adhesive backing that works really well when sticking the magnet before screwing them. The hardware for screwing the holster under the bed frame is included as well as clear instructions, so installation is pretty much straightforward.

However, the screws and holes seem to be a bit small for the screws, so it might need some modification, especially if you try to install it in a tight space.

My one problem with this product is that despite the production description stating that the magnets have a protecting coating, consequently, it might still leave some slight markings on the gun, but a cover could fix this. Overall, the magnets are quite strong and will hold any short gun securely as long as it’s not made from aluminium.


  • Strong magnets that can firmly hold a short steel gun
  • Comes with all the hardware for easy installation
  • A good option for anyone not looking for a safe


  • The slots for screws are somewhat small
  • Might leave some marks on the gun

Final Thought

I would recommend this to anyone looking for quick accessibility to their pistol but is not willing to invest on a safe. It’s not the best option for gun storage or keeping it away from unwanted hands, but as far as quick access is concerned, this will work just fine.



Top under Bed Gun Safes For Rifles

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe

First in our top under bed long gun safes list is the Stealth Defence DV652 safe. This is perhaps the best under bed rifle safe you will find on the market. 

This safe is designed to give instant access to your firearm when you need it most and at the same time making sure that it never reaches anyone else’s hands but yours.

One of its top features is the electronic lock which is a heavy-duty 5-pins locking system that offers easy access and is a definite headache for anyone to bypass. Once the safe is opened, the tray which holds the firearm slides out fast and smoothly for you to retrieve the gun.

However, the unique thing about this safe is that it has a keypad that illuminates which is something you won’t see in most safes, so it does not only provides quick access to your weapon but also makes it easy for you to operate the keypad in the dark.

The tray is form-padded. Whatever you put inside it you are guaranteed that there will be no tainting on its finish. The safe has plenty of room to hold two long guns, a short gun and some ammunition.

The outer shell is of a thickness that would not lend itself easily to prying. It is made of a sturdy 14-gauge steel and weighs around 75 pounds, so it’s a real heavy-duty product.

It features pre-drilled holes for bolting it down to the floor to enhance its pry-resistance even more. Not to forget that the door is also secured with a five-point locking bar.

Generally, this is one tough safe capable of giving you piece of mind knowing that your firearms are securely locked away, and you can easily and instantly access them should the need arise.

However, a little point of concern is that this Stealth safe does not come with a keyed lock backup. You are left to rely only on the combination lock. If it fails (which I highly doubt it would) then you will be locked out of your own firearm.

Another issue though not that serious is that there have been some complaints about the package arriving damaged, hopefully by now I think Stealth Safe Company has taken the necessary steps to rectify this.


  • Very tough rifle safe
  • Reliable electronic lock
  • Plenty of room for several firearms
  • Easy to drag tray for quick access
  • Padded tray to protect firearms from damage
  • Can be bolted to the floor
  • Fairly priced


  • Packaging was a little off
  • Does not include a backup key lock

Final Thought

Engineered to the highest standard possible, this Stealth safe is a high quality, well-built bedside safe that will facilitate quick and easy access to your long gun or pistol and provide secure storage. If you are looking for the top bedside safe for your rifle, then this is it.

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe


Following the Stealth safe closely is an under bed safe from SnapSafe, another American company with an excellent reputation for producing high-quality gun safes. And this one is no different. For the price, this is a very secure and well-built safe. Let’s have a closer look at some of its best features.

Unlike the Stealth, this SnapSafe bedside safe provides two options for locking and unlocking the safe. It features an electronic lock with a digital key pad that works well just like the one on the Stealth.

On the other hand, should the electronic lock malfunction or if the batteries die, there is a keyed backup lock with a set of emergency keys, so you will not be locked out of your own firearms.

However, the backup key lock is ideal in case any of the two situations occur because the electronic lock provides quick access thanks to the drawer which operates somewhat smoothly even when fully loaded.

The digital lock is easy to program with two codes, and it’s powered by four AA batteries, so you can expect it to last for a while before you can replace the batteries.

As far as pry resistance is concerned, this is the ultimate choice in this category. It’s very solid and seriously heavy that it needs around two people to move it. The outer casing is 16 gauge steel, and the whole thing weighs over 100 pounds.

Even much better, the door is recessed making it more difficult to pry open the drawer. If a burglar finds this safe, you can have no doubt that he will not access your weapons or valuables unless now he decides to spend 30 to 50 minutes trying to open it with a crowbar. I highly doubt if there’s any burglar daring enough to spend such a long time in a home.

Concerning capacity, this SnapSafe unit offers plenty of space, enough to take up to two rifles and maybe two to three pistols without overcrowding. The safe comes with a heavy-duty cable that can be used to tie it down to a bed frame to further secure it.

Another plus is the fact that the drawer is fully carpeted, so it will keep your valuables in place and scratch free.

That’s just it about this SnapSafe under bed safe, and you can clearly see why it deserve the second spot in our list. It’s simply one of the well-built safes on the market.

One thing though that I would wish SnapSafe could improve on is the sliding mechanism of the tray/drawer. It does not pull out with a smooth gliding motion like the Stealth safe, which I find to be its top competitor. If they can incorporate a spring mechanism that causes the tray to pop out once you unlock it, then that will make its accessibility even much better.


  • Heavy-duty safe that’s highly pry resistant
  • The electronic lock works well
  • Backup keyed lock is included
  • Spacious
  • Fully carpeted interior
  • Can as well be mounted on the floor


  • Somewhat heavy than other safes
  • The drawer does not pull out as smoothly as the Stealth safe

Final Thought

This heavy-duty SnapSafe under bed safe is another perfect choice for storing your firearms under the bed. It’s one of the safes that leaves you with no doubt that your guns are safely secured away from inquisitive minds yet knowing you can quickly access them in the event of a threat.

It’s hard also to ignore the excellent customer service that SnapSafe avails, it’s one of the companies that has a very high customer satisfaction rate and that’s something to consider too, especially when it comes to damaged or malfunctioning parts.

American Security Defense Vault

Coming in at number three is the American Security Defense Vault, a modern designed solid safe that offers ease of accessibility with a spacious room to cater for several firearms. 

Like most safe in this review, the American Security Vault employs the electronic lock system that can be programmed to use up to a six-digit combination.

However, the best feature on this safe is the illuminated keypad which makes it easier to access your gun in the dark. As soon as you press the keypad, the backlight will illuminate, and that’s big plus considering that most long gun safes don’t include this feature.

Quick accessibility to the firearm is another top feature of this safe. It has a slide-out tray which operates smoothly when you open the safe which I find to be much better than opening a hinged container, particularly in the dark when you need to gain quick access to your firearm.

The tray is padded, so you will not have to worry about your rifle getting scratches or being damaged. When it comes to its overall construction, I can say compared to most other safes on the market; this one is solidly built, thereby it’s certainly reliable as far as prying is concerned. The outer casing is made from 14 gauge steel, and that’s pretty tough.

There is plenty of room in the tray to hold two long guns, but if you have a rifle with a longer barrel, then it might not fit.

However, you will have no trouble mounting the safe to the bottom of the bed because the edges of the top have pre-drilled holes that allow you to anchor it firmly to the underside of the bed frame. And all the necessary mounting kit are included with the purchase which is another thumbs up.

The only setback noted is the fact that like all the other safes in this category, the safe runs on batteries, so they’ll need regular replacement. The good thing though is that they will not run out without warning. The safe is programmed to beep to alert you when the batteries are about to dry-out


  • Easy-to-access safe
  • Reliable electronic lock
  • Illuminated keypad for quick and easy access in the dark
  • Plenty of room for two rifles
  • Will beep when the batteries are about to dry-out
  • The tray is padded to prevent scratches on the gun


  • Batteries will require regular replacements
  • Does not include a keyed backup lock

Final Verdict

This is a beautifully designed bedside safe that’s a good option for anyone looking to store a rifle or shotgun. The construction is solid. The slide-out tray works pretty well together with the illuminated keypad; this American Security Defence Vault is more than capable of providing instant access to your firearm in case of an emergency. 

  1. Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safe (Electronic – Black)

Finally, if you are looking for something compact and lightweight but very fast as far accessibility is concerned, then this anodised aluminium constructed Fun Casket safe might be a great pick.

The first thing to like about this safe is its low profile design which makes it very easy to store under a bed with a low frame. However, the feature that propels it to our list is the fact that it’s one of the fastest safe with regards to accessibility.

With this safe, you can access your gun within a matter of seconds thanks to the electronic lock with keyless entry. You just press four to six buttons, and the lock is opened. It’s also fairly easy to set up the code combination. 

You can even choose to memorise a pattern rather than use numbers that coincide to them so that you don’t have much trouble when you are in a tensed situation. Moreover, the safe include a keyed mechanical back-up which is always a plus when the primary lock is electronic.

Measuring at 50 inches, the safe is not that big compared to other options in this category, but it has enough space to accommodate one long gun or a short gun. Its small size also means that it’s more discreet when placed under the bed than other long gun safes.

The interior is padded with thick foam that will adjust to the shape of the firearm while the door is fitted with a soft rug to keep your gun free from scratches or dings. The unit itself looks sturdy, so it will stand up to any prying fingers although not when a more powerful prying tool is used.

One drawback with this safe is that the keypad does not have a backlight, so it will need some other means of light so it can be seen in a dark situation. Another drawback is its size does not allow for storage of extra accessories like ammunition or tactical guns.

Overall, this Gun Casket safe is a good buy for the money. It does not offer maximum pry resistance and can easily be carried away but opening it will definitely be a stumbling block for any unauthorised user. And as far as giving you quick accessibility to your firearm is concerned, it’s certainly the best.


  • Quick accessibility to firearm
  • Will perfectly fit under most beds
  • Reliable electronic lock with keyed lock backup
  • Padded interior to protect the gun from scratches
  • Worth the price


  • Somewhat small for tactical guns
  • Keypad does not feature backlight

Final thought

If you prefer easy-to-access, lightweight gun safe that will discreetly fit under your bed and can accommodate either a long gun or short gun, then this Gun Casket safe is an option you can consider. It’s made out of anodised aluminium so that you can expect it never to rust.

To Help You Make a More Informed Decision, Here are Key Things to Consider When Buying an Under Ben Gun Safe

  1. Ease of Access

This is the first important thing to consider. You want a safe that provides instant access to your gun when an emergency strikes. The best option here is basically a safe with a biometric lock since they guarantee quick access with just a swipe of a finger.

Another great option might be an electronic lock that uses a keypad combination, but this one will require mastering a combination code, so biometric safe remains to be the best option.

  1. Quality of the build

As far as security and pry resistance is concerned, you want a safe that is made of thick steel. Anything other than this will not hold up to tampering.

With 12 gauge steel and up, a safe is almost tamper proof and will make sure no unauthorised hands gain access to your gun or valuables. So, it’s important that you consider safes that are heavy-duty with an outer shell made of 12 gauge steel or above.

  1. Capacity

The purpose of any under bed safe is to securely store your firearms and for this to be possible, your firearms must fit in the first place. So, capacity is equally a very important factor to take into consideration before buying a safe. 

Generally, your choice will depend on the type of firearm you own. If you have long guns, then you will need a larger under bed safe such like the ones in our top under bed safes for long guns. You might also need a spacious safe if you are looking to store other things like ammunition and important documents or jewellery. 

If you are working with handguns, then short gun bedside safes are ideal. These are also the best options for storing valuables like jewellery and documents.

  1. Height and Mountability

It can be frustrating when you buy an under bed safe only to find out that it can’t fit under your bed. So, this is also a factor you don’t want to overlook. It’s wise to first determine the dimension of your bed frame so that you can get a safe that will precisely fit under your bed with no issues.

Mountability is also important, especially for short gun under bed safe because their small size makes it easy for an intruder to carry them away. So, you must confirm that the safe is designed with a bolt-down capability for securing it on the floor under the bed.

  1. Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, you should look at three things. First, the gun safe needs to be able to accommodate bot right and left-handed people, so that you can position it on either side of the bed depending on your favourable hand and also because you want to be able to comfortable and easily access it from a strong position.

Secondly, a safe that offers multiple locking systems is much better than one that utilises only one lock. You would want a safe that has both a biometric lock and a regular keyed lock or an electronic keypad lock with a regular keyed lock. This is to ensure backup accessibility should one lock fail.

Finally, if you are going with a safe that runs on battery, I would recommend you confirm whether it features an option for additional powering like a cable to connect to a wall outlet.

The main reason for this is that batteries sometimes are not 100% reliable, and if the safe does not have a capability of alerting you when the batteries dry out, you may end up trying to access the safe during an emergency only to find out that’s it’s dead. That can be very dangerous especially during an intrusion, and you have all your weapons locked up in the safe.

The Bottom Line

Going through this review, I’m sure now you have a good perspective about different types of under bed gun safes that are available on the market. You might have noticed that they all range in size, security features and built quality. Generally, this list consists of the best options out there but it’s just a sneak preview of a horde of under bed safes you will find on the market. 

However, if you have carefully read the review, I believe you will be in a better position to make the right choice and buy an under bed safe that will make it easy for you to offer maximum protection to your family and property.