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Centerpoint Carbon Bolts 20 In. 6 Pk.
High performance carbon shafts with tight weight and straightness tolerances. Bolts come fletched with 4" vanes and half moon nocks assembled, and includes six 100gr field tips.
Centerpoint Cp 400 Arrows 6 Pk.
The CP400 carbon arrows are designed exclusively for the CP400. The arrows are high performance carbon shafts with 2” vanes and half-moon nocks assembled. Includes six 100 grain field tips.
Centerpoint Cp400 Crossbow
The CP400 Crossbow utilizies blended technology via licensed HeliCoil technology along with a custom designed riser and stock. At an incredible 6” width when cocked the CP400 produces speeds of 400 FPS with incredible down range accuracy. The CP400 packs...
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Centerpoint Kronos Bow Package Rh
Great transitional bow for young archers ready to take on big game hunting. Adjustable draw weight 30 -50 lbs., adjustable draw length 19 to 29", off-set string suppressor, and shoots up to 295 FPS.
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Centerpoint Power Draw Rope Cranking Device
The Power Draw Rope Crank can reduce the draw weight up to 70% and that fits most Mill -spec buffer tubes. This is an ambidextrous design with a unique mounting system allowing easy “in the field” on/off.
Centerpoint Spotting Scope 10-20x50mm
10-20x50mm spoting scope with a tripod and carry case.
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