100 Gr 1-1 8 inch Magnum Slick Trick Broadhead 4 Pack

Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 8.95 × 6.00 × 0.45 in

Slick Trick





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Product details
Weight: 100 grains
Pack: 4
1-1/8 inches cutting diameter
4-edge bone splitting tip
Four-blade design
Low profile design
Made in the USA
Perks: Exceptional performance, 0.035 SS Lutz Blades, Super Steel ferrule, Alcatraz blade lock system, Total cutting diameter (1-1/8 + 1-1/8 = 2-1/4), high penetrating ability

The 100 Gr 1-1 8 inch Magnum Slick Trick Broadhead 4 Pack comes in a pack of 4 and is made using Super steel ferrule which forms the ring at the base offering class with outright incredible performance. The geometry and design of the tip ensure that there is maximum penetration of the tip on impact with any target. The design in the form of a four-blade hole which gives a larger hole (about 18% more when compared to others) giving a higher hemorrhage and short blood trails. A 0.035 SS Lutz blade is used. It is very durable with a very sharp edge granting it a sharp cutting plunge into any type of material, ease, and speed of cutting leaving a hole in the target. The Slick Trick Broadhead 1-1 8-inch Magnum has field point-like flight, and the broadhead does not require tuning, and because of the small diameter (1-1/8 inches cutting diameter) it has good penetration and incredible flight that rivals other mechanical heads

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