100 Gr 1-1 8in Xbow Trick Slick Trick Broadhead 4 Pack

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 6.00 × 0.50 in

Slick, Trick





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Product Details
Weight: 150 Grains
Total cutting diameter: 1 Total cut 1-1/8 + 1-1/8 = 2-1/4Description: 100 grain
Quantity: 4 Pack
Perks: Easy to stabilize; Super solidified steel ferrule; Alcatraz Bladelock framework that secures and holds edges in position; 4 interlocking .035″ Lutz German steel cutting edges with surgical sharpness.

The 150 Gr 1-1 /8 inches Xbow Trick Slick Trick Broadhead 4 Pack is a good product to recommend for use in any outdoor event whether hunting of games or for use in sports. The slick trick���s 4 interlocking 0.035 SS Lutz German blade supports the blade giving it elegance, it also increases the quality of the blade, the strength, impacting a sharp cutting force when combined with any crossbow because of it 1-1 /8 inches diameter. It must be noted that due to the design based on geometry and weight, the broadhead is compatible and mostly used for ultra-fast crossbows, the Xbow Trick Slick Trick Broadhead gives an efficient shooting due to the perfect flight it undergoes on been released from the crossbow and the ease of hitting it target at an exceptional accuracy. It has a sleek design with a head geometry further increasing the deadly attributes of this broadhead, with it been termed a bone crusher due to its penetrating power. The 150 Gr 1-1 /8 inches Xbow Trick Slick Trick Broadhead comes in a pack of 4 with a replaceable blade package.

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