100 Grain Standard Muzzy Trocar Broadhead

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 9.75 × 5.75 × 1.00 in






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Product details
Thickness: 0.035”
Helix-blade design
Solid-steel ferrule
Pinpoint accuracy
Perks: Deep penetration, lethal performance

The 100 Grain Standard Muzzy Trocar Broadhead is a product used for many outdoor events such as hunting, sports due to its high durability and undisputed accuracy in hitting whatsoever targeted. It has a different design from the others which can be seen in the form of the blade helix-design which is a very good improvement when looking at the penetration. It is made using stainless steel, therefore, it is easy to clean (since it can be subjected to dirt due to dealing with blood and other organic fluid that accompanies hunting games), very accurate and precise during hunting sessions due to the thinness of the broadhead which is as low as 0.035 inches. The design also makes it maintain a straight path after been released, with a nice rigid and solid head that will not change shape when it hits something hard. Replacement of the broadhead is easy and the blade should be changed after each hunting session. The 100 Grain Standard Muzzy Trocar Broadhead provides users with accuracy, lethal action with a likable blood trail after hitting its target and deep penetration

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