125 Gr 1-1 4 inch Grizztrick 2 Slick Trick Broadhead 4 Pack

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 6.00 × 0.40 in

Slick Trick





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Product details
Weight: 125 grain
.035 SS Lutz Blades
Total cutting diameter 1-1/4″ + 1-1/4″ = 2-1/2″
Perks: Great long distance performance with Slick Trick’s largest cutting diameter; Simple, rugged design which gives it an extraordinary execution; Super hardened steel ferrule with 4-edged bone splitting tip; Alcatraz Bladelock system that protects and holds blades in position for top performance.
Delivering the most important cutting diameter within the 125 Gr 1-1 4 inch Grizztrick 2 Slick Trick Broadhead 4 Pack flies true and hits hard with field point-like accuracy even when the distance is quite stretched. A good option for long-range shooters, the Grizz Trick 2 delivers the identical superb flight performance with devastating delivery after impact, creating exceptional holes as other Slick Trick broadheads. A flexible, as well as tough structure with no moving parts, these 4-cutting edge broadheads, join a splendid solidified steel ferrule with Slick Trick’s Alcatraz Bladelock framework for a superbly aligned broadhead that conveys field point exactness with outrageous entrance (in any event, when extending the separation). 4 interlocking .035″ Lutz German steel cutting edges give outstanding straightness, strength, resilience and therefore the deep surgical-sharp cutting power hardcore bowhunters want. it features a 4-edge, bone splitting tip and a 1-1/4″ cutting diameter. Durable, strong and with exceptional slice, the Grizz Trick 2 is the perfect choice for your hunting adventure as the Grizz Trick 2 will give you superior broadhead flight and devastating wound channels, and will help you bring home more animals this season.

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