Advanced Armament Corporation Piston Ti-Rant 9-EVO9 Sound Suppressor 1-2x28 Evolution 9 Silencer

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 3.75 × 1.25 in

Advanced Armament Corp





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The Evolution 9 or the Ti-Rant 9 silencer may be used on a whole host of weapons that have different barrel threads by easily and quickly switching the threaded A.S.A.P. piston that is located at the back of the silencer. AAC manufactures the A.S.A.P. pistons to be a perfect match with the barrel threads of every popular pistol barrel that is factory threaded. They will also match a lot of different aftermarket barrels. Every last Evolution/Ti-Rant Pistons comes fully included with a construction of heat-treated stainless steel and a finish that is matte bead blasted. There is also an engraving that will positively identify the diameter, pitch, and direction of rotation for the thread. This will give an easy and fast installation of all threads, whether left-handed or right-handed.

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