American Defense Large Base Full-Sized Mount ACOG Quick Release Mount Titanium Lever Trijicon

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × 2.25 × 2.25 in

American, Defense, Mfg.




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This full-sized modular base from
American Defense was designed to accommodate a whole variety of different
optics and risers. It works fantastically as a standalone mount, making it
ideal to be used with the standard Trijicon VCOG and ACOG scopes, and also any optic
that is similar, like the Compact Prism Scope Line from Primary Arms. Just like
with all of American Defense’s other mounts, this one is machined to exact
tolerances from strong, durable, and tough 6061 T-6 aluminum. The mount is also
anodized with a layer of intense hard coat. This makes sure the mount is going
to survive for a very long life of excellent service. The mount was designed
originally to put a standard ACOG sight at the perfect height for an AR style
of rifle.

The locking lever is titanium and
can be adjusted for different specifications of rails. It comes featured with
American Defense’s quick detach automatic lock lever system. Also, this mount
is able to be adjusted fully to accept many different picatinny rail systems without
using any tools. The mount also has a locking system that is glove friendly to
make sure the mount is never going to move on its own until you want to remove it
yourself, providing an unmatched return to zero with any optic that is mounted.
The weight of this is also drastically reduced, thanks to its titanium lever,
while still incredibly strong – even stronger than many types of steel.

This mount comes with an added
benefit of being capable of withstanding intense fluxes in temperature without
ever flexing or causing a shift from zero. This mount will stay strong regardless
of what happens, making your shooting platform trustworthy and reliable.

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