Aquamira Frontier Max Filter System Bacteria

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Filters 120 Gallons




Frontier Max


Water Treatment



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Aquamire offers their Frontier Max Filter System for Bacteria as the only outside tactical system for filtering that works with up to 1000 gallons in the field. Thanks to the Series IV Connectivity, you are able to customize the Max Filter System with any of the filter cartridges from Series IV. The UQC fittings let you take the Max and connect it with the Aquamira Hydration Engine to pressurize while on the move. You can use this system to have in-line filtration for plug and play anywhere at all. The Frontier Max Filter System is the all-time best and most versatile in-line type of filter that can be bought with money today. Included with this system is Aquamira’s Series IV GRN Line Backcountry Filter, which is an excellent tool if you want to remove bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium for a full 1000 gallons of easy use. The flow rate of this system is an amazing 800ml/min for giving you instant access to thirst satisfaction. In the case of an emergency, you are able to hook the Max straight into any handy Series IV filter cartridge because of the advanced connecting system. This is great for backcountry adventures, international travel, and treks through remote areas. Anywhere that water has a risky quality and may be filled with bacteria or chemicals, you can use the Max Filter System to safely clean it. This system can easily be hooked into any hydration pack or hooked into any in-line system with the versatile UQC connectors. You don’t even need to replace any of the connectors you are currently using. If you plug in the high-quality Bite Me Valve then you can transform your MAX into an effective straw filter. If you want a complete system that performs very well, it is recommended to combine the Frontier Max with the Geigrrig pressurized hydration engine. This will give you plug and play features on the go with your in-line water filtration system following you anywhere, always available when you need it. The features of this system include: Compact and lightweight construction, highly customizable, 1000 gallons of certified filtration, UQC quick connects, ability to be connected to reservoirs, gravity, and do it yourself systems. Series IV Cartridges. You will get pressure-assisted filtration of water while anywhere in the world. The technology inside this machine is Miraguard Antimicrobial to supress and even negate the growth of algae, bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew inside of the filter media. This unit is free of lead, BPAs, chemicals, and iodine.

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