Aquamira WaterBasics Pump & Filter Kit Red

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 12.50 × 4.75 × 4.75 in









Pump & Filter


Filters up to 120 Gallons


Water Treatment



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This really is an all-in-one filter. The WaterBasics Pump & Filter Kit from Aquamira does it all, and then some. This filter kit will transform your containers for water storage into an entire filtration and distribution system for water that can be used to save lives in emergencies. This is an absolute necessity for home preppers who have their emergency water stored in barrels. You may not know it, but the water inside your barrels could be turning sour as it sits stagnant. You can ensure the health of your stored water and its guarantee to save you in an emergency by using the WaterBasics Pump & Filter. All you need to do is attach the hose with the easy handpump straight onto your storage barrel or container for water and then you can instantly have drinkable water. Included in this awesome package is the Series II RED Line Filter, which comes fully certified to NSF/ANSI and EPA standards to get rid of viruses, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, bacteria, chlorine, taste, odor, and chemicals from up to an astounding 120 gallons of water. That is impressive! As an alternative, you may treat the water you have stored with an Aquamira Water Treatment and then use this great handpump to distribute water quickly and effectively whenever it is needed. Fully included with the WaterBasics package is the RED Line Virus Filter that has a fantastic flow rate of up to 500ml/min. There is 120 gallons of certified filtration. The design of the Series II lets this device fit perfectly with a filter from the Series II. The small and compact shape and size of this unit allows it to fit easily into bug-out bags, emergency escape kits, pockets, purses, range bags, and anything else. The Handpump will work well without the filter or with the filter. It will also work well with a good-grade hose to fill any kind of storage container with water. The kit comes packaged inside of a handy bag of fabric, easily stored when you are not using it. The Miraguard Antimicrobial Technology inside of this device will supress the growth of algae, bacteria, fungus, mildew, and mild inside of the filter media.

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