archery caliper release scott realtree buckle strap

Weight 0.30 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 6.00 × 1.25 in

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Streamlined design archery release
Excellent performance and durability
Double Jaw calliper release
Five years limited warranty

Scott Archery’s lightweight Caliper Release Buckle strap is the perfect choice for bowmen who shoot with a string loop. It has a large roller sear which provides smooth and consistent trigger force and this trigger is fully adjustable for affectability, allowing the bowman to find the ideal sensitivity setting. This discharge is suitable for right- and left-handed archers and is perfect for people new to shooting a trigger. This release plan helps most bowmen to switch between using a mechanical discharge aid and discharging their bowstring with their fingertips. This piece, with its sleek design, offers the presentation, unparalleled precision and unwavering consistency that you are looking for in a shorter and more slender form. The Caliper features a powerful swivel connector for overriding grip and flexibility and a knurled-trigger. Will make your point rate higher. Activating thumb and movable structure upgrade affectability to ensure better shooting. Simple to work and to fit into the hand of each individual. Programmed Bow Discharge type With a smooth operating system Extremely simple to use. Suitable for adjusting compound bow. Coordinate perfectly the compound chasing bow, reasonable for arrow based green hands. This product is a 3-finger discharge which is made of premium aluminium alloy and helps grip. Not easy to break but hostile to corrosion. High quality, solid and definitely robust.

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