Attachment Quiver - Camo Tarantula MAQ quiver

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 5.00 × 3.00 in






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Product description
Every hunter should be in the correct situation to make a go within minutes. Having the bolts close to the bow makes a quick and advantageous approach to get to the targets for that snappy shot. This is the reason this quiver is a significant piece to be added to your collection. Tarantula MAQ Multiple Attachment Quiver can be carried on your hip, mount it on practically any pack that has secure lashes, or hang in alongside your treestand. That is the reason it’s known as the Multiple Connection Quiver. This flexible quiver suits pretty much any sort of conveyor hanging choice. Lightweight and conservative, it’s ideal for spot and stalk bowhunters, yet additionally incredible for keeping arrows close in a treestand or blind. It holds five arrows and highlights a removable belt and leg lash. it has various loops for connection to most packs, and a circle for strapping it on a treestand too. Mounting the quiver on the bow includes additional weight, however, the Tarantula Quiver gives weight that isn’t excessively inordinate. When taking the shot, the vibrations are diminished helping you aim better to hit your quarry. With a basic structure, there are not many moving parts making them simple to keep up. This factor likewise adds to their strength. Since there are hardly any parts, not many things, assuming any, can turn out badly. It is definitely easy to detach and therefore gives more space to move which assists with focusing and consequently better shots. You just need to make a followup shot once while bowhunting and having this quiver on your pack will never back you off or frustrate that procedure by any means.

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