Barnes VOR-TX 270 Winchester 130 Grain TTSX Boat Tail Ammunition 3060FPS 20 Round Box

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 3.50 × 1.38 in



270 Winchester






Tipped Triple Shock X



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Barnes VOR-TX ammunition is some of the most intense ammunition on the market today. This stuff is deadly. Every last round is loaded with precision bullets to offer maximum stopping power. This is why Barnes will always be the leader in innovating new bullets to give hunters the most accuracy, shooting performance, and handloaded accuracy possible. These VOR-TX bullets are hands down the best in factory loaded rounds. You get double-diameter expansion, a huge amount of weight retention, and unmatched accuracy. The TSX, TTSX, and TSX FN all provide destructive transfers of energy. In the bullet shanks there are some grooves which lessen the pressure and work to improve the accuracy of your shot. The bullet will open immediately upon contact and expand faster than any other bullet in the world. The nose of the bullet will flay back to make four sharply edged petals of copper. These rounds are free of lead.

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