Barnes VOR-TX 6.5 Creedmoor 120 Grain TAC-TX Flat Base Lead Free Ammunition

Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 3.00 × 1.50 in






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The VOR-TX ammunition from Barnes is the highest precision ammunition around today that is loaded with such deadly bullets. These have a massive amount of stopping power. It is no surprise that the VOR-TX ammunition comes from Barnes, the top of the pile in accurate load innovations. These rounds are awesome to be used when hunting because they are extremely accurate and give high terminal performance with every last shot. These are impressive. They have an expansion of double diameter with a max retention of weight. This equals flawless accuracy. All of the TSX FN rounds punch with a massive transfer of energy. There are many grooves in the shank of the bullets to make sure the pressure is reduced and the accuracy improved. The bullet will open right away when it impacts, quicker than any other factory loaded bullet around. The nose then rips back into four petals of copper. These rounds will stop every animal in its tracks.

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