Barnes Precision Match 308 Winchester 175 Grain Open Tip Match Boat Tail Ammunition 20 Box

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 3.25 × 1.25 in



308 Winchester




Precision Match


Open Tip Match



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Barnes brought their Precision Match ammunition onto the market in 2015, introducing the most accurate round that is commercially loaded on the entire planet. Today, America’s military elite prefer to use Barnes’ Precision Match ammo. This is the top of the line ammunition that is available commercially to technical shooters, elite shooters, and casual shooters alike. This is great ammo for serious shooters who must have steadfast performance with every last shot from their gun. Precision Match ammo gives incredibly accurate shooting at long distances. This allows shooters to hit the target with confidence each time they pull the trigger. They know Precision Match is going to shoot straight and true every time. In fact, this ammunition from Barnes was designed and engineered to be 100% accurate at very far distances. You get very low deviations from this ammo and almost no variations because of Barnes’ super smart manufacturing techniques. Every round is inspected and built to the highest quality of ammunition standards. These miracle rounds come fully loaded with match-grade OTM BT (open tip match boat tail) projectiles that have an especially long boat tail and powerful B.C. As an added feature, you can scan the advanced QR code printed on the backs of the boxes. This will let you see the generated Doppler radar drop table that is special for every load.

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