Barnes VOR-TX 30-06 Springfield LR 175 Grain LRX BT Ammunition 20 Round Box

Weight 1.56 lbs
Dimensions 6.50 × 4.25 × 1.50 in






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All of Barnes’ fantastic VOR-TX ammunition is manufactured to their special tolerances. This makes sure ever round provides extreme accuracy and forever consistent muzzle velocities. The VOR-TX LR is especially unique in that it is designed for super long-distance shooting. The components are all premium and combine to assemble into a precise round never seen before at the level of the VOR-TX LR. That is to say, this round is uniquely superior to all other long-distance factory ammo rounds. Special with these bullets is that every box of rounds comes with an awesome ballistic char that can help you identify what the G1 ballistic type coefficient is for your purpose, then you can address the different variables like drop, energy deflection, velocity, and wind deflection. You can calculate all of these between sea level and 5000 entire feet in the air. This is one handy tool for every pro shooter. The VOR-TX LR manages to reach match-grade precision and unparalleled terminal performance when hunting game close or far away. You will get a fast, tidy, and humane kill no matter how far you are from your animal because of this ammunition’s flawless kill power. Even if you change your distance, the VOR-TX LR’s terminal performance will never shift or lessen. These rounds come non-corrosive, reloadable cases that are nickel-plated brass, and in-boxer primed.

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