Battle Arms Development AR Rifle Enhanced Pin Set Kit

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Dimensions 5.25 × 3.00 × 1.00 in

Arms, Battle, Development, Inc.


1, 2, BAD-EPP, BAD-ETP, Detents, KNS, Magn, Springs




Pins, Takedown



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This is the best enhanced pin set for AR rifles every made! Battle Arms Development has created this set to include low-profile pin heads that have drastically enhanced gripping surfaces. The design of this kit is able to be used with a safety that is ambidextrous. There is a cone-shaped recess at either tip to negate an accidental slippage of the bullet or tool, therefore reducing the possibility of damaging or scratching the receiver. Included in this set is the enhanced takedown pin, the enhanced pivot pin, and much more. The components are machined from steel bars to give them the best durability and strength. They are also hardened and then finished using mil-spec manganese phosphate. This kit is compatible with the AR15/M4/M16. It will fit their lower receivers if they have mil-spec .250 inch in diameter front pivot and also rear takedown pin holes. The pivot pin and the takedown pin designs improve the pull strength with no use of any oversized heads. The low-profile pin heads have a low drag and never get in the way. They have a lower profile than pin heads that are mil-spec. The enhanced takedown pin will not obstruct any ambidextrous safety selecting lever. The extended pin tips are plus 0.030 compared to mil-spec. This added length with help with pushing or starting the pins outward from the left part of the receiver with no unnecessary protrusion. There is an easy magnet-assisted install of the enhanced pivot pin. You won’t have anymore detents or springs get lost.

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