Beretta Xplor Soft Gun Case 52 Black-Brown

Weight 3.06 lbs
Dimensions 51.00 × 9.00 × 3.00 in









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The Xplor
Soft Gun Case from Beretta is going to let you carry your weapon in comfort
while keeping your gun safe and protected from bumps or scratches while in
transit. Beretta has crafted this fantastic soft gun case using a fully
polyester material with a beautiful leather finish. These two features give you
a lot of security when it comes to protecting your case. The classic look of
the case also works to show off your unique style with its great black and
brown finish.

The Xplor
case is 52”. It will perfectly bundle your rifle or shotgun inside a carrier of
foam that is double dense and a protective barrier of thermos-shield. This
makes sure your weapon stays in perfect condition while you are traveling.
There is also a zipper that is full length and lockable. This will help keep unwanted
hands away from your weapon. The carrying handle is padded to add even more comfort
for you, no matter how heavy your gear is. There are also outside pockets you
can use for items like gloves or glasses. The strap is adjustable with a type
of backing that is non-skid. Take this case with you everywhere to transport
your gun in style and safety.

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