Betts Tyzac 3.5 foot Nylon Cast Net with 1-4 inch Mesh

Weight 3.32 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 6.00 × 4.25 in






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Material: Nylon
Size: 3.5′
Can be made use of in different situations
At par with other professional series in the quality
Engineered to sink quick
The exhibition and strength of these cast nets are best in class. In the event that you need a cast net that is anything but difficult to toss, sinks rapidly and has insignificant lure escape, this is the net for you. These nets have a 20′ long high floatation polyethene hand rope. A guide telling the best way to toss a cast net and a free tossing help will be remembered for your buy. High-thickness Polyethylene Curved Tied Net has the accompanying highlights: High force and diligence, great scraped area obstruction, great anti-ultraviolet light execution, hostile to fouling, stable bunch, total particulars, precise work size, brilliant make-up and long working life. Nylon, which is a synthetic fibre is utilized to make angling nets since nylon is anything but difficult to look after, lightweight, modest, simple to convey, simple to wash and does not effectively responds with oils or synthetic substances. The Betts 3.5 Foot Tyzac Nylon Cast net has 1/4 inch work. It has an all-out weight which is greater than 3/4 pound for every foot. It completely opens and is intended to sink quick.

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