Birchwood Casey Retractable Bore Weevil Cleaning System

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 3.25 × 1.25 in

Birchwood Casey





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Product description
The Birchwood Casey Cleaning system is a recommended tool for individuals who are into shooting and gunsmiths who desire top-notch efficiency and unreserved quality when cleaning with their firearms. The cleaning system features a retractable tether that can be pull through fully, this pulling reduces the contact the tether makes with the chemicals used to clean while it enhances transportation from one point to the other. The cleaning system was also manufactured to be compatible and can be used with any cleaning tool on the market such as a mop, brush, and patch puller. There are also 3 quick-attach couplers that help the user to change how the cleaning rod functions, they help the rod with respect to the removal of threading of attachment. The cleaning system is compatible with any firearm, and with its one-pull mechanism you will be left with a cleaner gun by removing all the residue of gun powder and other residues that might have built up in your gun, this is done without respect to the length of the barrel using it 8/32 threading accessories. The Birchwood Casey Cleaning System is easy and comfortable to use, it is simply done by threading a brush or jag, mop on the quick attach couplers.

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