Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber-Synthetic Gun Oil Combo Pack 10 Ounces 6 Cans

Weight 5.44 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 5.50 × 8.50 in

Birchwood Casey




Gun Scrubber, Gun Oil Value Pack







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This package comes with one can of BC Synthetic Gun Oil Safe Scrubber and one can of Synthetic Gun Oil. That is a total of two ten-ounce aerosol cans. It has never been easier to clean your weapons than with Birchwood Casey’s awesome gun scrubber synthetic safe cleaner. This is a solvent and degreaser combination that you can buy to take care of all your cleaning needs. It does the cleaning of all your firearms extremely safely and effectively. This cleaner will completely scour your weapons quickly and won’t harm or stain any of the weapon’s laminates, plastics, woods, composites, or rubber grips. All of the firearm’s materials will remain clean and unmarred. Not even camo finishes will be harmed when you use Birchwood Casey’s impressive gun scrubber and firearm cleaner. The second half of this combo pack is Birchwood Casey’s Synthetic Gun Oil. This oil is one of the very best lubricants you can buy to use in all climates, cold or hot. Contained in this lubricant is PTFE, which will seriously lessen the friction created between any mating surfaces. The synthetic gun oil won’t gum up or fail its viscosity under brutal variations in temperatures from between -55F and 300F. This synthetic gun oil has a solvency that is natural so that it will clean at the same time that it oils, while its low rate of evaporation makes sure there is a high protection against any rusting. This is the best oil to use if you are looking to protect and lubricate all your sports equipment that is metal. It can also be used for applications around the house.

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