Birchwood Casey Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit

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Dimensions 14.00 × 2.00 × 2.00 in

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Another great cleaning kit from Birchwood Casey, this kit is special to be used in the cleaning of your rifle. There is nothing more important than having your rifle clean and functioning properly. Without keeping your gun clean, it may not be safe or accurate. This cleaning kit will make sure your rifle will fire true and work properly at all times. You can thank Birchwood Casey for their unyielding dedication to quality products, keeping millions of rifles clean and performing well. Included in this portable kit for rifle cleaning are materials that are made exclusively in the USA. There are rod sections of stainless steel, patches, a handle, patch pullers, a lot of bronze brushes, reel cloth, and a silicone gun. The universal cleaning kit comes with a handle that is double axis, letting you pick whether you want to use a fixed action while cleaning or a swivel action. The calibers included in this kit is one highly effective brass puller for patches, one bronze brush that is .22, .25, .270, .30. The final feature of this kit is that the holding tube’s shape makes it a convenient handle. You can carry the universal rifle cleaning kit with you everywhere, from the range or to the hunt.

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