Black 3-3 TRU Ball Fang Release

Weight 0.23 lbs
Dimensions 7.85 × 5.05 × 1.85 in

T.R.U. Ball





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Product details
Dimensions: 11 * 11 * 9 inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Color: Black
Made in the USA
Perks: Easy-to-load open hook jaw design, Full containment system, Super light trigger design, innovative Leading technology.

The Black 3-3 TRU Ball Fang Release trigger is designed to be light and can be fully customized without much professional help, it comes packed with two springs. It also allows you to shoot with ease giving no sensitivity. The Black 3-3 TRU Ball Fang Release is also designed with a FCS (Full Containment System) which is ideal for any hunting situation providing ease of operation in which if there is no game insight you can fully relax your hands after hanging the release on the loop, it can also be pulled back when you are thinking of repeated shooting (by which the FCS slide is pulled backward). The thumb barrel positions can be altered using the large knurled thumb peg and teardrop. After pulling the trigger to fire, you should pull again to reset the hook to the normal. The hook allows you to adjust the Full Containment system to suit your needs, whether it is for hand-free situations or repeated shooting. It was made using Leading technology, customizable and comes in a black color

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