Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Righthand Glock 17 22 31

Weight 0.49 lbs
Dimensions 7.90 × 6.10 × 3.25 in






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Product Description
The holster is designed to be very lightweight and simple to carry without adding extra weight to the case. The polymer material used in the manufacturing gives the holster a tough outer layer, but it is smoothed so that it remains soft causing discomfort. It fits perfectly into any clothes without protruding, its slim shape keeps it concealed in any clothes.
It is intended for weapon owners, in particular security officers, law enforcement officers and also for persons carrying weapons for defensive purposes.
Prevents sweat to prevent slick movements that cause discomfort when a weapon touches the skin. It is designed to be conveniently accessible and easy to retrieve and repair the weapon.
It comes with a clip to be attached to the belt, the clip suits perfectly to the belt to provide an adequate function of obscuring and stealth. Retention clips the weapon in place without the fear of it dropping. Suitable for handguns about the size of 17-22; mm. The screws are flexible to match the various sizes of the weapon used to carry the dual clips. To adapt to the taste and tightness you like. It features the Serap lock style, giving it a secure lock and convenient opening.
It is made in the United States by the BLACKHAWK COMPANY.

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