Blackhawk Sportster Modular 36 Weapons Case Black

Weight 4.38 lbs
Dimensions 37.00 × 15.00 × 3.50 in









Modular Weapon Case




Rifle Case



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The sportster modular Weapons
case from Blackhawk is constructed from the strongest 600 denier polyester around.
The case is also built with tactical webbing that is super heavy duty. These
two materials mean that this case is going to last you a seriously long time,
especially with the tough PVC laminate added to the tightly weaved polyester.
That is a ton of stability! This modular case is even discreet, allowing you to
transport your rifle without anyone getting suspicious of what’s in the case.
The case also comes with a padded divider, which you can use to separate a pair
of firearms. Alternatively, you can remove the divider altogether or use to divide
the case in half, one side for the weapon and one side for an entire set of
handy pouches.

The webbing located on the inside
walls is 100% compatible with Speed Clip and MOLLE systems and gives the best
configuration of your magazine pouches and other belongings that are stored
inside of the case. On the shoulder straps there is even more tactical webbing
and points of contact. This entire weapons case is extremely versatile. It can
fit any rifle that is up to a total of 36 inches.

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