Blackhawk T-Series Level 2 Compact Holster M Right Hand-Black

Weight 0.88 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 5.50 × 4.12 in






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The T-Series Level 2 Compact Holster from Blackhawk comes with a streamlined system for its retention, which is thumb activated. The T-Series works by keeping your weapon tight against your body in a secure holster, ready for you to draw at any given time. The drawing motion offered by this excellent holster operates using the principal of master grip. This means you will be able to fight easily no matter what kind of nasty situation you happen to be in. The holster itself is reinforced on the outside by polymer and a hydrophobic lining that is smooth and dampens sound. These materials make sure that your T-Series Level 2 Compact Holster is going to perform above average no matter what the situation or the elements are. The T-Series Holster comes equipped with a fantastic speed-cut system that allows for ultra-quick draws, getting you into action faster. The size is smaller to allow for easier concealment, meaning you can carry your weapon as discreetly as you wish. The holster is also compatible to be used with a red dot. The material on the inside is low in friction to give an effortless and smooth-feeling draw.

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