Blue Force Vickers 2 to 1 Point Sling Black

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Although 2-point slings are generally the best slings in a wide array of situations, sometimes when deploying from inside a vehicle or battling in a complicated structure, a 1-point sling is better for having an advantage. Blue Force brings its revolutionary new polymer Burnsed Socket and their Red Swivel together to create the Vickers 2-2-1 Sling. What this means is that the shooter can now pivot from 2-point to 1-point combat mode by simply pulling the Red Swivel knob and then immediately inserting it into the Burnsed Socket at the back of the receiver. This immediate adjustability of Blue Force’s 2 to 1 sling is continued in either the 1 or 2 point modes. This sling is constructed similarly to their standard Combat Applications Sling by the Red Swivel that is sewn into the front, toward the muzzle of the sling. The standard button push swivel and the featured Burnsed Socket are weaved into the back, and offer complete and total adjustability of this particular sling to be used with body armor or without. This two to one sling will fit every weapon with two QD sling swivel sockets that have the back socket near the end of the receiver. When it comes to Sigs, HKs, SCARS, or other weapons systems that have eyelets at the back of the receiver, one can add a universal wire loop and a button push socket instead of what is included (push button socket). This sling is constructed with 1.25” sling webbing, Invista solution dyed CORDURA webbing, and ITW Ghille Tex Acetal hardware. It also features a military-grade IR plastic which is low.