BnM 7.5 feet Silver Cat Elite Rod 1 piece

Weight 1.02 lbs
Dimensions 89.25 × 1.00 × 1.00 in






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Product details
Length: 7.5 feet
The Silver Cat Elite Rod is a recommended product for individuals having a knack for fishing who not only look for beauty but a good rod that is durable and efficient to complement their ability. When connected to the. It is made using a one-piece rod construction involving a composite material known as E-Glass while is very strong, and resistant to extreme conditions, it allows excellent action when used in drifting and anchoring fishes and is mechanically able to hold big monstrous fishes without breaking. The handle was made using a high-quality material known as X-Grip which gives an excellent grip that allows catching of fishes even in wet or slimy hands while fishing, it also increases the ease at which the rod is pulled when a fish has been caught. There is also a double-locking reel seat that that holds the reel tight with an increase in sensitivity when utilized for retrieving the fish, it is made from aluminum which can resist conditions such as corrosion and rust despite the constant exposure to water, it must, however, be maintained and cleaned regularly. The Silver Cat Elite Rod has a length of 7.5 feet with unique action and a tip called Hi-Vis which allows you to see the hits more clearly and also usable as a night fishing rod, it comes in 1 piece.

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