BnM Sam Heaton Super Sensitive with 9 feet (2 Pieces)

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Dimensions 55.00 × 1.25 × 1.00 in

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Product details
The Sam Heaton series has been improved and redesigned into the brand new Sam Heaton super sensitive 9 foot 2 piece. The new B’ n M’ 2-piece super sensitive IM-6 has been redesigned to a brilliant burgundy colour but gives an equally top-notch action as the Sam Heaton series. It features include a handle made of Portuguese cork and guides plated in brass for convenient use. The rod is particularly designed for catching panfishes and crappies which makes it the ideal catching rod for any freshwater fisherman or fishing lover. The rod is made up of IM-6 graphite (40 million moduli) blanks and they are so sensitive up to the point where a small tap feels like a current of electricity passing through the hand. It is very tough and is equipped with aluminium oxide guides which prevent the line from sticking and guarantee a very even line flow. The Sam Heaton super sensitive rods are of length 9.0″ and comes as a 2-piece rod. It has been engineered to be very effective and it is made from quality materials which makes it very durable and comfortable to use. It can be used with other accessories and it is easy to use hence can be used by both experienced fishermen and beginners.

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