BnM Silver Cat Catfish Series7 foot Casting Rod 2 pieces

Weight 0.54 lbs
Dimensions 43.00 × 2.25 × 1.00 in






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Product details
Length: 7.0 feet
The Silver Cat Catfish Rod is a good option for individuals into fishing and looking for durability, efficiency and a tool that will complement their skills while fishing. When connected to the line it is a perfect tool in anchoring or drifting for fishes in freshwaters and saltwater’s. It has a test line capacity of 50 pounds (a one-piece casting rod suitable for heavy action) therefore it can be used for fishing without fear of the weight even though it puts more control and power on the fishes, this makes the process of fishing fun. It utilizes 100% fiberglass combination which makes it faster in action. The rod has a nylon grip handle with an excellent grip and reduces accidental slipping of the rod due to wet or slimy hand and is durable enough for use in a rod holder while fishing, it also increases the ease at which the rod is pulled when a fish has been caught. There is also a graphite reel seat that that holds the reel tight with an increase in sensitivity when utilized for retrieving the fish, it is made from aluminum which is resistant to corrosion and rust despite constant exposure to water, it must, however, be maintained and cleaned regularly. The silver catfish rod has a tip that can glow in the dark making it suitable for fishing at night and ceramic guide equally intersected by aluminum oxide alloy ideal for heavy lines. The rod comes in 2 pieces.

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