Bobster Delta Ballistics Shooting Glass Z87 with Black frame and 3 Lenses

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Dimensions 7.75 × 3.50 × 3.25 in






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Product Description
The delta ballistics goggles are designed to protect the eyes from fragments during combat.
Mostly used in the military, but not limited to soldiers. People involved in fragment projecting jobs could make a purchase. It comes with an ultraviolet shield on the lens to prevent direct sunlight. Designed to prevent fog. The frame is an RX type, it can hold the lens comfortably in place and, of course, can accommodate any prescription lens. The lens is ideal for resisting fog.
The lenses are shock-proof or impact-proof, solid eye protection during travel and collision and fall. The resistance to ultraviolet rays is measured to be 100% complete.
The lenses are amber, suitable for daytime use to regulate lighting and prevent disturbances, allowing and enhancing clear and cool vision. Then the third clear lens for use at night improves clean vision and clear vision.
The polycarbonate foam is designed to ensure that it stays firmly on the face and sits comfortably. The foam prevents the dust particles from seeping into the googles.
The straps are curved to close tightly around the face, and the straps are also detachable. The case is a type of MOLE that can be used to carry the googles.which can be easily carried about and provide secure protection for the googles.
Bobster has been producing quality eyewear since the early 1990s and ike every of their product, the 3 lenses convertible is manufactured with quality and top-notch materials,

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