Bradley Smoker Non Stick Silicone Mat for removing food at high temperature

Weight 0.64 lbs
Dimensions 15.50 × 10.75 × 0.25 in

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Product Description
The Bradley Smoker Non-Stick Silicone Mat performs at a temperature of a high rate to help keep food at its best The dish grade silicone mats allow food to release fast from smoking racks, which is important when dealing with very high temperature food. It features a non-stick surface and is dishwasher safe for a comfortable usage it is at dimensions: 10.50 inches x .50 inches x 15 inches, pulling off of food is easier with the Bradley smoker silicone mats, reusable, washable with the removal of food residues which makes cleaning more favorable, the existence of the fine max present allows smoke to penetrate the food without been messed up or smelly making it perfect, is thick and stays in place in the pan and makes cooked very evenly. silicon with oxygen. provides consistent heat distribution” and “promotes even baking and browning.” The silicone mat was designed to withstand oven temperatures which help as anti-rust, the total make of the mat makes a reliable source of grills, silicon generally found not injurious to health therefore in the production of this mat silicone is not a disadvantage but an advantage which tends to be more adequate for human consumption, now let the world eat and grill satisfaction without any form of discomfort !!.

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