Bravo Company Gunfighter A2X Extended Flash Hider 1-2x28

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Dimensions 7.00 × 3.25 × 1.25 in

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The A2X
flash hider from Bravo Company Gunfighter is an extended model of the ordinary
A2 flash hider that is used on most of the M4 and the M16 series of weapons.
The flash hider is threaded to be used with your special 5.56mm carbine firearm.
The flash hider comes machined from the toughest and most durable 4150 steel
available, making sure the flash hider will last the entire length of your
firearm. It also comes coated with phosphate and mil-std 171. There is a hole
that is predrilled directly at the base for an installation that will be

When the
flash hider is mounted exactly to the BATF specifications for an installation
that is permanent, it will bring the length of your 14.5” barrel for the M4 to over
16.1”. That is a big boost! It is important to note that the installation of
this piece should be overseen by a gunsmith who is qualified and familiar with
the regulations of the BATFE. The A2X comes fully predrilled and comes included
with a great dowel pin and a strong crush washer to use for the installation.

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