Bushnell Tactical LRS 10x40 M-Dot Riflescope Black

Weight 1.88 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 6.00 × 3.75 in






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The 10×40
M-Dot riflescope from Bushnell is one amazing piece of optic technology. This
impressive scope comes complete with a very attractive black finish. It also
has target turrets that are exposed to give the most precise and trustworthy
adjustments. It comes fitted with an m-dot reticle. The dots that are on the
horizontal and vertical crosshairs are a standard of the world for estimating
the elevation, windage, and distance you are going to be firing. All of these
excellent features give you a strong format for firing. You will trust every
last one of your shots at any distance with this riflescope.

riflescope comes equipped with a special EXO barrier protection. This is
Bushnell’s greatest new protective coating for lenses. It works by bonding to
the glass on a molecular level, repelling oil, dust, water, and making the glass
immune to scratches. There are also fog-proof capabilities thanks to the argon
purged system. The optics are filled with argon to stay stable no matter what
the ambient temperature is. The construction is also IPX7 waterproofed. There
is an O-ring seal inside the optic that will stay dry even if the entire scope
is submerged under an entire three feet of water for a whole thirty minutes.

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