Caldwell AR-15 Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher

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AR-15 Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher


Brass Catcher



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This is one of those accessories that is an absolute must for people who love using their AR-15 rifle. The Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher from Caldwell works by mounting to the picatinny rail of your favorite AR weapon by using its QD anodized aluminum clamp, therefore capturing every brass case that is ejected during your firing of the weapon. The wire frame and the clamp are both fully adjustable and will work well with a large variety of different rail or optic configurations. This lets the brass enter the catch bag without there being any bothering of the cycling or the bolt’s functioning. The locking attachment is quick detent to allow rapid installation and even more rapid removal of the catcher. This lets you quickly check or clear the chamber of your rifle, keeping it clear of jams at all times. The capacity of this brass catcher is an amazing 100 rounds sized .223. This huge capacity makes sure the brass is not going to be scattered about your shooting space. It works really well to prevent hot brass from landing on someone’s skin or clothing, like the shooter or the spotter. This catcher is also super easy to empty because of the zipper located conveniently on the bottom of the mesh bag. This brass catcher will mount to literally any AR-15 weapon that has a flattop or a picatinny-type rail handguard. It is compatible with most LR-308/AR-10 models. This makes it ideal for reloaders since there are no more brass cases being flung around or lost. The catcher is totally adjustable and mounts almost anywhere on the Picatinny rail or on the riser of the back of the handguard using the Picatinny QD two-piece system. The mesh bag is heat-resistant and will not melt holding hot casings.

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