Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

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Ballistic Precision





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This excellent piece of technology from Caldwell is their Ballistic Precision Chronograph. This tool works to give extremely accurate measurements of the velocity across a broad range of conditions when shooting. Higher accuracy has been achieved by utilizing a very high-speed processor that is 48 MHz and because of a specially designed circuit that has a superb data interface allowing each of the units to be calibrated in a computer at the factory after they are assembled. The terminal result of this process is the capability to offer a much more accurate result than any other chronograph that is being sold today, between +/- .25%. Even though this chronograph is very advanced, the unit is incredibly easy to operate. Velocities are displayed in meters per second or feet per second on the very big LCD screen that is built into the unit. Caldwell’s precision chronograph is also able to deliver the data of the shot string velocity through the 15-foot long jack cable, which comes included, to your mobile device or smartphone. There is a totally free app available that will work with this device. You can download the app and view the velocity of every shot right there on the phone screen. The app even records the velocity and all the other data, like the environmental conditions and also the load. The app will automatically calculate the average velocity of all your shots, the standard deviation, the maximum and minimum shot spring velocity spread. All of the data that you acquire using this great device is stored and is able to be exported through email or recalled later for reference. The sunshades on this unit come wider than normal to give better dependability during sunny days. They are also constructed of a mega tough synthetic material that will keep this working for a long time. This machine is capable of measurements between 5 and 9,999 feet per second. On the bottom of the housing is a ¼-20 threaded insert that can be used to mount the device onto a tripod. The chronograph will operate using one 9-volt battery. The battery is not included.

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