Caldwell Precision Ballistic Chronograph Accuracy Range Shooting

Weight 3.80 lbs
Dimensions 22.00 × 10.50 × 4.75 in






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Product details

Length: 15.5 cm
Width: 15 cm
Thickness: 5.6 cm
Weight: 1 kg

The Caldwell Precision Ballistic Chronograph is a necessity for a wide range of shooters. The product offers a velocity measurement ranging from 5 fps to about 9,999 fps (frames per second) and within 0.25% accuracy. To achieve even higher accuracy, a very highspeed 48 MHz (Megahertz) processor is used. Each unit has been carefully calibrated after assemblage before it departs the factory. This product (simply known as the chronograph) is easy to use and provides a velocity measurement in ft/s or m/s (feet per second or meters per second) on a big LCD screen. It also contains an additional sunscreen that is wide and this is of relevance in total sun processes to provide shade, and also a one-quarter (1/4) to 20 threaded insert which is useful with a tripod. The insert is usually at the bottom of the housing. Also present in this product is a fifteen (15) foot audio jack cord which when connected with a smartphone can give a shot string velocity data. Some apps are available on Google Playstore and Apple Store that show the speed of individual shots and also other relevant data that recognizes the load and conditions of the environment. These apps when connected to the device also enable the user to store data, inferred information, the condition of the environment including the weather. it also capable of displaying these conditions. This acquired information can then be exported with ease by SMS or through email.

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