caldwell Stinger shooting rest one-handed modification

Weight 11.20 lbs
Dimensions 31.50 × 8.50 × 8.00 in






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Product Features
Revolutionary latching mechanism elevation system provides fast one-handed modification, no flutter, Incredibly fine fingertip operated elevation changes, Perfect for stretched and leveraged magazines, Cam over front rest locks, Positional gun fit modification of 3.5 inches.

In an inexpensive rest, the Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest incorporates unique design, supreme device operability, and solid and reliable stability. The revolutionary front elevation structure is fundamental to the layout. A spring-loaded, height modification knob permits swift, one-handed modification of the coarse elevation. It safeguards the guns end with a cutting-edge shaped front and rear supports and also provide just the appropriate amount of hardness for solid rock shots. The industrial strength dual window frame and fast cam latches enable the front rest of the Stingers to slide readily forward or backward and then lock in place once the preferred length is reached. This innovative and creative concept fulfills the demands of shooters by integrating a bag design that locks rifles into position with a gun-like grip while eliminating feeling recoil and muzzle hop. The Stinger Shooting Rest is flexible and guarantees maximum safety. The rubber feet on a variety of benches will keep the Stinger Shooting Rest in place. The Stinger Shooting Rest offers durability and total reliability, providing the greatest potential for shooter precision.

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