Caldwell The Rock BR Competition Front Shooting Rest

Weight 15.85 lbs
Dimensions 19.85 × 14.50 × 7.75 in






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Product Description
The Caldwell rock is adjustable shooting equipment. mainly used outdoors. For all hunters around and security personnel, the shooting stand is designed for rifles to be fixed on it and shot. The stand has a couple of adjustment buttons to ensure good use.
It is a perfect tool for hunting, training sessions for learning individuals. It comes with magazines.
Considering the effects of wind inaccuracy, the stand has adjustments to be fixed. The adjustment could be altered to meet the desired Angle of shooting.
The rotational effects of the stand make it possible to hit the target at any angle. The legs of the gun stand is steady, which can be easily used with zero disturbance. Adjustments can be made to it without having to remove the gun from the stand.
It is an ideal choice for both amateurs and professionals. Easy to use and handle for newbies who are bent on learning and improving their shooting skills. For professionals too, its simple to use and offers stability, precision.

The Caldwell company
The Caldwell company satisfies the desire of gun professionals, creating and supplying them with numerous, top quality and state of the art technological shooting equipment. They are renowned manufacturers of gun-related materials and have honed their skills in providing gears and shooting equipment for numerous. They innovatively create tools and creatively keep abreast of evolving needs and look for ways to build accurate tools that satisfy customers around the globe.

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