Caldwell The Rock Shooting Rest for Juniors

Weight 6.22 lbs
Dimensions 10.50 × 9.50 × 4.00 in






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Product details
Y-formed base dispersed over 5 half lb rest
Three/four” diameter steel publish offers comfortable and smooth elevation changes up to 7-1/4″ peak
Strong, four-pound forged iron base, 5 PDS overall mass

The Caldwell Rock Jr. Shooting Rest is stuffed with a considerable lot of the highlights of an exceptional rest, in a little, lightweight bundle. The steady solid metal base highlights tradable feet, non-slip elastic or steel spikes, to permit shooting from practically any surface. Incorporates a Caldwell Medium Front Sack and works with all-inclusive front packs empowering you to pick a setup to coordinate your rifle. The “Y” shape base pattern shows dependability. Ideal for locating in, test terminating and casual rivalry. The most ideal approach to decide the exactness of your rifle and ammo is to fire them from a strong seat with a quality shooting rest. With exact repeatability of shots as your objective, the Rock Deluxe Front Rest is the correct apparatus for the activity. The Rock removes the “human factor” in shooting and will assist you with shooting more tight gatherings. This rest can be utilized along with a varmint pack (ensured) and is appropriate with other special devices across the board front rest gear so it will safely hold your firearm.

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