Caldwell The Rock Jr. Shooting Rest Green

Weight 6.19 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 10.00 × 4.00 in







The Rock Jr


Shooting Rest



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Caldwell is always engineering new products and pieces of equipment to enhance and improve the quality of your shooting. Everything they develop is made to give you the highest precision and the most confidence, allowing you to take the exact shot you need exactly when you need it. The Rock Jr. Shooting Rest comes with a whole lot of the original features as the first Rock Shooting Rest, but the Jr. comes in a much slimmer package that is more economical and easier to use. The Rock Jr. is a fabulous piece of equipment for test firing, sighting in, or informal competitions. The Rock Jr. Shooting Rest comes with a very stable cast iron base that weighs only four pounds. The complete weight of the rest is 5 pounds. There is a steel post ¾” in diameter that offers smooth and secure adjustments in elevation up to an impressive 7.25” of height. The rubber, non-slip feet that come with the rest can be interchanged with the metal spike type of feet that also come included. The rest even comes with a medium varmint front bag that is totally filled. The color of the Rock Jr. Shooting Rest is a very attractive green.

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