Cannon Terminator Kit- cushion catrigde and snap swievel

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Dimensions 5.85 × 3.45 × 1.30 in






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Product details
Terminator Kit- Cannon
The easy to couple terminator kit has six each of the superior Cushion Cartridges, Cannon Terminators and Snap swivel. It can be used in lakes or rivers. Can also be attached to a boat
.The snap swivel or fishing swivel is a small device consisting of two rings connected to a pivoting joint. The device is usually made of metal, and the pivoting joint is usually ball- or barrel-shaped. The line from a rod and reel is tied to one end, and a length of fishing line, often terminated by a hook, lure or sinker, is tied to the other. The main purpose of the swivel is to allow the line to untwist during line retrieval, preventing undesirable tangling.
A secondary benefit of the fishing swive to all kit when coupled together l is that it may stop a sliding sinker, which depending on fishing method may be placed before or after the swivel. Snap swivels have a safety-pin like clip linked to one of the rings. Lures may be affixed directly to the snap. The presence of the swivel has been said to detract from the effectiveness of some types of lures. Depending on the position of the lure, the hooks can become entangled in various ways with the swivel.

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