CBE SL4 - 4 pin Housing - RH .019 inches stainless steel

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 9.00 × 4.50 in






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Product Description

Laser marked hashes for conspicuity during pin adjustments
Availability with a 4-pin housing
Now made of stainless steel bolt which prevents rust
Rhino pins of .019 inches

The CBE SL-4 is a well-structured synthetic multi-pin aperture. The product is known for its good quality, durability and ultra-lightness. The structure has an armed guard fibre management system which not only allows the pins to be very vivid but also acts as further protection for the aperture thus making it appealing and giving it longevity. It features also include a dovetail elevation gang adjustment which is aided with visual laser inscribed markings. In addition to this, the product has smart-mount multi-positioning mounting holes which have been redesigned and improved significantly. The SL-4 is made of rhino pins which measure approximately 0.019inches each and it has laser marked hashes which allows it to be very conspicuous in case the pins are required to be adjusted. One of its perks is its availability with 4-pin housing. Added to the features of the multi-pin aperture is a quick slide windage unit which also includes laser inscribed markings and an indicated window. The bolts are made with stainless steel hence totally eliminating the factor of rust. The CBE SL-4 is made in the USA.

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