CCI A22 Magnum 22 WMR 35 Grain Gamepoint Jacketed Soft Point Ammunition 200 Round Box

Weight 1.94 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 3.25 × 2.00 in



22 WMR









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The Gamepoint ammo from CCI is perfect
for those shooters who require a challenge and like to shoot at moving targets
that are significantly smaller than ordinary targets. The ammo is great for people
who are hunting to put meat on the table because there are going to be clean
bullet holes and almost no damage to the meat, which is important when filling
the freezer. CCI understands what hunters need, and so they have developed this
ammunition specifically for hunters of small game. The bullets are tough, give
deep penetration, and will save your small game from being mangled like they
would be with a larger and messier bullet. Not only will you be keeping your
meat in better shape, but you won’t be damaging the very important animal hide.
It is always a smart idea to choose CCI for all of your ammunition needs when
planning a trip into the field. This ammo is also useful at the range for
target shooting. It is made for the 22 Magnum and fires at a velocity of 2,100
feet per second out of the barrel. Each box comes with a whopping 200 rounds.

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