Champion Electronic Traps Black

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Dimensions 9.00 × 7.70 × 4.00 in

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21db, NRR





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These earmuffs from Champion are the perfect solution to staying safe while shooting. They will dampen all sounds that would otherwise harm your eardrums. They come in stylish colors and are super comfortable, providing massive protection to your hearing while staying cozy and light on your head. They come available as either an electronic earmuff or a standard earmuff, each one working to reduce the noise levels that can be harmful to you while remaining easy to wear on a full day of shooting, never making your ears or head sore. These earmuffs will adjust to best fit your head. They will also collapse easily to be stored without any hassle. The noise reduction is at 25dB, which gives maximum protection to your ears by blocking higher decibel noises but amplifying low sounds. This means you can hear your friends on the range but the gunfire won’t bother your ears at all. These are the perfect earmuffs to maximize the fun you have when shooting at the range or in the field.

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