Char Broil Charcoal Table top Grill

Weight 8.94 lbs
Dimensions 18.50 × 11.50 × 5.40 in






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Charcoal Tabletop Grill -Char-Broil
The tabletop grill is With a flame broil, nourishment is generally simmered. A few barbecues utilize charcoal or wood, and different flame broils use propane gas to prepare the meals they are used for.
The char broil charcoal cooks with heat and retains the juicy nourishment in meals. Utilizing gas doesn’t. A lot of people like the charcoal grill. It can be placed on a table and has a cover to close it when not in use.
The 18 inches grill is recommended for use outdoors. Ideal grilling tool for picnics and camping. Fitted with handles at the side for easy carry. The charcoal compartment is a drawer style, can be easily removed for cleaning and charcoal restocking.
It can be used to prepare chicken, Pizza, Lemon Pepper Chicken Kebabs, Grilled Lamb Meatballs With Salsa even vegetables.
The grill is used in an open-air, cooking utilizing coke or other fuel for giving heat from underneath. Overhead flame broiling is progressively regular inside, particularly in proficient kitchens.
The grill can be fixed to bigger grills as an offset smoker.
The Charbroil company is an American based grilling expert company. Since 1948, it has engineered grilling equipment for utensils. Enjoy the high quality only Char-Broil can deliver in a tabletop grill.

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