CMMG .350 Legend Nitride Carbine 16.1 Barrel

Weight 1.69 lbs
Dimensions 17.50 × 1.85 × 1.85 in






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It is easier now more than ever to decide exactly which barrel you want to use for your awesome new .350 Legend weapon build thanks to CMMG. This barrel is designed for reliability and durability. There is really no reason why someone putting together the most effective Legend would not choose this great carbine barrel. The CMMG Legend Barrel is constructed to exact tolerances from a type of chrome moly steel, then finished using a salt bath of nitride, both outside and inside to give the barrel the longest life and the highest resistance to corrosion imaginable. The threads of the barrel are threaded extremely carefully to be an exact pitch of 1/2×28. This pitch means it is going to be usable with just about every muzzle device for the 9mm. the gas journal is .750” and carbine length, thus ensuring there is a lot of dwell time. All the dwell time ensures huge power and reliability with subsonic loads. The twist rate of the .350 barrel of the Legend is an easy 1:16, making it optimized for the stabilizing of cartridges that are really powerful. This is the number 1 barrel for any effective .350 Legend rifle. It is ideal for those who want to hunt serious deer and fill their freezers with meat. There is an M4 barrel extension for the feed ramp.

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